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How exasperrating is it to try and text someone who says something and then disappears?  Voice texting, btw, not fingers.  I went to Dallas today, got the pipe and heading back I couldn't get either dog nailed down for picking it up. Finally, the first dog I posted on my FB wall texted me - I had emailed her several times and finally just left my phone number - saying she really hopes I haven't passed by Tyler yet? No, I was still 30 miles out.  Got it done in a Walmart parking lot.  I wasn't exactly impressed their reasoning to get rid of this dog.  They don't want to take the time to finish house training it to pee outside.

Ooooookaaaaaay.  I'm not necessariliy looking forward to it, but they sell pee pads now you set down by the door in your bedroom, for example, and the dog hopefully pees on that.  I don't remember the rest of how to get them to pee outside, Addler wasn't house trained but he refuses to pee in the house, I had nothing to go through the…
So, I purportedly have a run to Dallas today and I also have a tentative pickup of a German Shepherd.  Neither of those things are set in stone, I never really know where they are sending me until they hand me the paperwork.  The whims of the warehouse dude change from day to day and though I have done my best to work with him, he still talks a bunch of trash about me behind my back.
But then again, he talks trash about all the blue collar workers behind their backs so at least I'm not alone in that grouping.  I take that back, he also talks ghetto about the inside salesmen.  One of which has deccided he can't take the new manager's crap anymore and is seekng emloyment in greener pastures.  I watch the manager giving him hell, frequently, over minor, small issues that don't warrant anger and vitriol in terms of a reaction.  
People are going to leave sooner or later and it's all going to come down on the manager's head.  The only people that won't leave are…