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Well, Aspen's life has obviously been turned upside down being taken from one place to another with people she doesn't know, I knew this wasn't going to be "fun" by any stretch, the first days even weeks never are.  Actually, it takes a good year for a dog to fully integrate into your home and mesh, that's my experience and that's what I pretty much expect.  So, anyway, my automatic shipment from Chewey's just shipped and so, I think the 2 bags per month will work.  But I may end up having to get a 3rd bag added to that.

Well, anyway, I was warned the dog is not housebroken so I just figured to get up, clean up whatever mess this morning and move on.  I have no idea what I did with this training pads I took to the register at Walmart, I think the cashier simply didn't ring them up thinking it was the next person's.  Turns out, at least for last night, I didn't need them.  She woke me up multiple times, tried to crawl into bed once, which …