Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Well, Aspen's life has obviously been turned upside down being taken from one place to another with people she doesn't know, I knew this wasn't going to be "fun" by any stretch, the first days even weeks never are.  Actually, it takes a good year for a dog to fully integrate into your home and mesh, that's my experience and that's what I pretty much expect.  So, anyway, my automatic shipment from Chewey's just shipped and so, I think the 2 bags per month will work.  But I may end up having to get a 3rd bag added to that.

Well, anyway, I was warned the dog is not housebroken so I just figured to get up, clean up whatever mess this morning and move on.  I have no idea what I did with this training pads I took to the register at Walmart, I think the cashier simply didn't ring them up thinking it was the next person's.  Turns out, at least for last night, I didn't need them.  She woke me up multiple times, tried to crawl into bed once, which neither I nor Addler were having any part of, but there was no pee on the floor and yes, I checked the entire carpet.

The dog is used to be kenneled at night, I simply don't do the kennel thing.  Just seems like the dog is being put into prison.  I know some dogs get to liking them, I don't.  I think a big bed is far more comfortable and I know wshe will eventually calm down and figure out that I don't do dogs waking me up at night and also that she can settle down and go to sleep, just like Addler.

She's a sweet, gentle dog, but she has the Shepherd guarding type of quality and femaile dogs aren't to be fooled with once they get protective of people and property.

Well, we'll see how she does a full day out back yard today.

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