Saturday, September 3, 2016

Well. I didn't know today when I arrived at work that the manager would be gone.
The warehouse "manager" - which he isn't a manager at all because he's a drama queen that throws people under the bus and talks trash about everyone behind their back every single day - decided to get a serious attitude.  After he said something to me - and I seriously had to bite my tongue to keep from responding in kind - I avoided him the rest of the day.

But, that wasn't hard to do.  He took out 4 deliveries.  He isn't supposed to do any deliveries but apparently because the manager was gone, he could do and say whatever he pleases.  I really have to try to remember to keep my phone and video available to turn on at a moment's notice from now on and get this stuff documented in an undeniable, irrefutable venue - video recording.

It was a loooong day because there was very little to do and I go stir crazy.  They all know this, which is one of the ways they "get" me if they think I am worthy of some sort of "discipline". Excepting, nohting has happened.  I have been keeping my mouth shut.  I have done everything I have been asked to do and then some.  I have been watching my p's and q's and there was no reason, whatsoever, for this treatment.  Excpeitng the fact that this is the way this dude is.  

I try to just consider the source.  He is an infant in a man's body, but sometimes I really have the urge and temptation to give it right back to him.  

I am at least trying to make it to after the beginning of the year to start up my search for a new job. I'm guessing when the manager reappears on Tuesday, this dude's attitude will disappear.  His behavior will be reported to the manager anyway, but not by me.  I'm attempting to stay low-key and keep my mouth shut.  It's kinda hard when the amount of unbelievable bs that is going on continuues on like an endless parade.  

Anyway, just a few monents ago, I looked at the mail that came in today. The new lady tenant - is like a dream.  She cooks, cleans, I mean, you couldn't ask for anything better in a tenant.  She also gets the mail everyday. I forget to look at it until late usually, which is the same as today.  I saw a large envelope from the government and I knew immediately it was my birth certificate being returned to me.  

But, I was shocked.  I really was, to see another envelope from the government, much smaller.  I felt the envelope, it had something in it.  I knew immediately what it was.  My passport!  I actually became giddy.  How fast was that!  I must not be on any no-fly lists, lol.  I really must fly over the ocean.  


Saturday morning.
Dogs woke me up. Actually Addler who decided he was going to join me in my bed.  You don't just slleep through an event like that.  Sometimes I allow it to pet him for a while before getting up.


Day over, lol.  I was informed they were going to Tyler - the new tenants that is - much earlier than I expected.  Which interrupted what I started writing this morning.  Turn off the AC, pull apart the drain set up and exactly what I thought: completely clogged up drain.  Walmart, get a sink snake, run it through it, walaah.  Problem solved.  Off to get haircut and do other things.  Back to the house, fire up the pressure washer and away we go for the next 5 hours.  Bad.  Algae, moss and mold build up on the bricks.  After all of that time, I managed to get 3 sides of the house done and the sidewalk.  There is still much left to go and I will pick that back up again tomorrow.

Well I'm too tired to do any more writing.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...