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Well. I didn't know today when I arrived at work that the manager would be gone.
The warehouse "manager" - which he isn't a manager at all because he's a drama queen that throws people under the bus and talks trash about everyone behind their back every single day - decided to get a serious attitude.  After he said something to me - and I seriously had to bite my tongue to keep from responding in kind - I avoided him the rest of the day.
But, that wasn't hard to do.  He took out 4 deliveries.  He isn't supposed to do any deliveries but apparently because the manager was gone, he could do and say whatever he pleases.  I really have to try to remember to keep my phone and video available to turn on at a moment's notice from now on and get this stuff documented in an undeniable, irrefutable venue - video recording.
It was a loooong day because there was very little to do and I go stir crazy.  They all know this, which is one of the ways they "get&q…