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The new male roommate - Donnie - is in very poor health.  He is getting a lot of encouragement to get up off his rear and get to a gym and get some exercise.  He's on a large listed cocktail of drugs.  He was out talking to my neighbor today and he was having trouble standing there talking to her, even showing his hands shaking from the pain.  I'm not judging him, at all. I just wish the best for him and really the only way to stay healthy especially in older age is to make sure you stay active.

My neighbor suggested a gym that is half a mile away that has an exercise pool that almost virtually elminates any stress on joints.

I have watched people over the decades in their old age become inactive and I have watched them grow increasingly in ill health and I have watched them die. Genes obviously play a role in your health and longevity, but still you can take steps to live a good life until the day you exit life on this earth.

Whatever the case, my 3 day marathon is over.  …