Thursday, September 8, 2016

This morning I was apparently, obviously, not happy.  The pot-head came back late yesterday and then was told to come in at 7:00 am.  This has been going on, on and off, for weeks. However, we realized today there is a simple way to find out his hours since we obviously can't just access his online timesheet.  We are all required to print out rolling 7 reports every day.  It shows the hours works for the last 7 days. We had no idea, actually, how long he was out yesterday. He is clearly engaging in "clocksucking", taking much longer to do a run than it should.

He was out 11 hours.

Welp, I decided today on my 3rd run and being sent 120 miles away that I would just take my good old time.  As much as I try, it's not in my nature.  The pedal to the metal - don't worry, the truck is governed at 70 mph and the speed limit on that Interstate is... 70 mph .... I just crank it the whole way there. But....I got there and no-one there even though we callled. 4 phone calls to the same person later with no answer and I call my company.  Let me try, the warehouse dude says and then, just after he hangs up, the dude calls me. Yup, I'm herew with the truck ready to get loaded. Okay, I'll be right there. I learned over a decade ago, when  a contractor says he'll be right there? Time to take a nap.

Exactly what I did. 30 minutes later, he shows up.  Ummm, the backhoe has a leak, do you have a crescent wrench? Yes I do, showing it to him. Oh, that's not big enough.  Well it's all I've got.  He leaves for another 30 minutes.  Shows up, spends another unending amount of time fixing the thing - all the while burning up the clock - and finally - he leaves! rofl well another dude shows up and it took a long time to load that truck.  Construction workers are not forklift operators, they don't load trucks.  They unload them, yes, but it's a far different story to unload a truck than it is to load one.

So, I have to stand out there and direct the operation.  By the time I got the thing strapped down and ready to go, it was 5 pm.  That's quitting time.  I'm thinking, okay, by the time I get off the clock, it's gonna be around 7 pm and sure enough.  So, I got 11 hours in today.

But, the place is a toxic work environment, as I have been saying and though I hope to just stick around until somewhere around the middle of January, I don't know if I'll last that long.  Today, I pulled into the yard after the 2cd run and was going to pull up next to the freight truck parked there, but the man that runs the forklift into everything was over there and I thought, no, if I do that, probably an accident going to ensue.  Sure enough.  Let me preface, this is a HUGE forklift he is on.  It has rear tires that you would find on a backhoe, not a small forklift.  He puts the thing into reverse and backs up approximately 35 feet without ever once looking back. Not even a sideswipe of the head.  He then proceeded to pull out a giant pallet full of fire hydrants, ran into the freight truck with it and then ran over the chain that was being used to pull that pallet to the back of the freight truck.  This morning, I caught him attempting to fix the damage he had just done by running same-said forklift into the overhead bay door to the shed - the shed is a 75 by 100 foot structure with giant doors on tracks that lift up with chains and sprockets.  He ran into the door frame and I caught him at that as well. It's funny how often I catch him running into the things and yet I am not even in that yard that long.

He admits nothing, ever.  A deacon in a church, carrying around a Bible and yet denies everything.  There are so many facets to the toxicity of that place, you can't just name one thing, you have to name all of them, which would take too long in one writing so I just picked this guy today.  He's the same one that has been in accidents in all 4 trucks, the pickup he wrecked 3 times.

This morning, I was talking to the inside salesman who is now relegated to the will call "showroom".  It's hilarious they call it a showroom, it is absolutely, disgustingly filthy and always is.  It smells like hell in there and looks worse.  We were talking about something and I said, yup, well he leaves his screen up all the time.  Huh?  His timesheet.  Referring to the warehouse dude.  This dude was shocked to find out he isn't even making $18 per hour.  Well that isn't surprsiing the warehouse dude goes around talking as if he's making bank at that place when in fact, he really isn't.  He could have retired long ago with the 10, fully owned, rental houses he inherited from his mother.  He let them to go to s***, he lost them and her house as well. A lot of real estate let go to nothing.  The income from 10 houses

We've got some real braniacs over there.

Oh well, I could go on but today I've had enough. Its Thursday, it's almost bedtime, I'm tired but content.  Didn't get home in time to mow the front yard, but it isn't that bad, it just isn't "perfect". It can wait til' tomorrow or even Saturday morning.  I have a list for this weekend, but toning it down from last weekend which was really a marathon.  Sent my mama some flowers that should be delivered to her doorstep tomorrow plus a gift that should also arrive tomorrow.  Her birthday is on Sunday so getting stuff there ahead of time was imperative.  Apparently my brothers didn't bother to ask her what she wanted for her birthday, I hope they rememeber, but if they don't the group text that we are all in will suffice.  My text Sunday morning early will be "Happy Birthday Mom!", which all of them will get and if they did forget, they will have ample time to make up for it.  If I were there, I would be taking her out somewhere to eat or at least visiting her at her house.

The dysfunction between us brothers does not include me not reminding them about their mother's birthday.  She would be devastated if any of us 3 didn't at least wish her a happy birthday on her day, but I think she would be let down if none of them visited her, either.  I'm going to remind my son about her birthday, he will go over there without having to ask.

Umm, yea, I was going to end this and so it shall be.

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