Friday, September 9, 2016

Wow. Got home today from work and already had decided to mow the lawn as soon as I got home.  No ifs, and, buts or any other excuses, the mower is now working, let's git'er done!  You now, pushing a mower is actually some decent exercise, especially a yard that big.  Sweating profusely, I finished the job and the front lawn - looks much better.

However, there are bare spots and spots with some kind of weeds that sorta look like grass if you aren't up on top of it looking at it.  Which prompted me today while I was running around after work to stop at Home Depot #HomeDepot to get some of those stuff you use to fill spots.  3 weeks, it claims and the spots are gone. We shall see about that.  I did mow the lawn, I made no claims about doing that grass stuff today.  I'll get around to that tomorrow - hopefully.  But honestly? I'm about ready to take a weekend off.  Still, I promised to get that grass going so I will.  I'll probably take a couple of hours to get that done.  I've also got a bathroom faucet to replace.

But, I had to take off early from work.  I went into the manager and asked him about it and he said no problem, but was discussing Monday morning.  Ohhh? What's Monday morning? We gotta run to Ferriday.  Oh. Ferriday is a 3-1/2 hour drive - one-way - and it's a perfect start to a week.  Get into a truck, turn it on and drive all day long.  Well, there was a lot to do and there was only 2 hours to do it before I figured I was maxed out and had to get my stuff done.  They talked about giving the load to the pothead and I said no, I can get this done.

Getting it done included pressure washing 41 sticks of 40 foot pipe that came from a jobsite, pulling 69 sticks of 4 inch sewer pipe, 15 manhole covers and a plethora of fittings.  But I was determined to get it done.  And that I did - but not without paying a price. For it was very humid and warm out there today and it got me pretty good.  But I got that truck loaded and that guarantees me the run on Monday morning.  Well, it should guarantee it, it usually does.

Now, getting off work early to deal with the loan modification.  They gave very little notice of a short deadline and that didn't set well with me.  What's the hurry and why the short notice? I called the on the way to the UPS store to discuss that subject with them.  They didn't send the package to my house as the email claimed, they sent it email on the 29th, they claim.  I check my email several times a day and I don't remember seeing anything from Midland Mortgage.  I did see the email 2 days ago from them saying I had til' the 12th to get this done.  Big whatever moment.  I had to make an appointment for the notary to show up.  Strange place, Louisiana.

I got all of that done and then headed to Home Depot for the grass and then, the Wow! I started this entry out with.  For when I finally came into the living room, I saw a package from my mom.  What is this?  Pics, a lot of pics, of my son from babyhood on.  Pics that I had lost during the 2007 house fire that my mom had copies of.  I shared liberally pics with her not to mention she took a lot of her own.  I feel like a long lost connection has been re-established.  Seriously, I feel like a part of me has been put back into place.  I haven't seen any pics like this in many years now.  So yes, it was a wow moment to open up that package and find all of those pics in there.  Learn from the past, I'm going to have them duplicated and keep them somewhere - else.  And have them digitally recorded onto a disc and put them on Putlocker as well. A digital back up and a real paper copy.  I still like real photos, to be honest. It's nice to take pics and upload them to the internet, but family pics are a different story.  You can do both.

 That's my day.  I"m ont doing anything else, I don't think anyway. I don't want to do anything else, I'll put it that way.  There's plenty to do but I pace myself.  There is too much to do here and it isn't my doings that things got the way that they did.  I make no claims to have this place fixed up overnight and frankly? I figure the 2 years they are gone? That's about how long it's going to take.

And a new revelation today: Donny fell out of his bed last night.  Like, while sleeping and a hard hit.  I saw him at dinner, he didn't look good and he wasn't talking.  Ugh.

It's 6:30 and I feel like going to bed rofl.    My leg muscles are aching. I'm hopeful this ordeal with the loan modification is finally over  At least the weekend is here.

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