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Wow. Got home today from work and already had decided to mow the lawn as soon as I got home.  No ifs, and, buts or any other excuses, the mower is now working, let's git'er done!  You now, pushing a mower is actually some decent exercise, especially a yard that big.  Sweating profusely, I finished the job and the front lawn - looks much better.

However, there are bare spots and spots with some kind of weeds that sorta look like grass if you aren't up on top of it looking at it.  Which prompted me today while I was running around after work to stop at Home Depot #HomeDepot to get some of those stuff you use to fill spots.  3 weeks, it claims and the spots are gone. We shall see about that.  I did mow the lawn, I made no claims about doing that grass stuff today.  I'll get around to that tomorrow - hopefully.  But honestly? I'm about ready to take a weekend off.  Still, I promised to get that grass going so I will.  I'll probably take a couple of hours to get th…