Saturday, September 10, 2016

Goodness gracious, I have very little desire to do much of anything but sit around on a couch and vegetate.  I've been going, going, going between work and home and it has depleted me.  But, if I'm going to get the grass planted it needs to be this weekend.  The directions say it takes 3 weeks and I figure we have at least 3 weeks if not more of warm/ish weather so it's now or next Spring.  Since I bought the stuff yesterday, yup, today is the day.

Looks like it may rain this afternoon which would be helpful.  I really need to clean up the north side of the house as well. They let it go and there are piles of leaves over there, I found 2 baby Copperheads - now among the deceassed, as I am not a snake lover though I will let non-poisonous ones live - in that mess last week while presssure washing.  I just have to decide what I want to get done today as the list is huge and you just have to pick the highest priority ones and get going with it.

However, the hose end came off yesterday and I can't plant grass without a hose to water it after it is planted so a trip to Lowe's is in order.  I really wish they would build a Home Depot over here, Lowe's is not my first choice.  It's better than a 30 mile drive to the nearest town that has one, but I just have always like Home Depot better.  Anyway, it's a hundred foot hose with no leaks so it's worth fixing it, the cost of a new one is around 50 bucks.

The weed eater is also a priority.  I got everything mowed yesterday all well and fine, but the weed eater is necessary to give it the finishing touches.  Gonna try taking that apart and see if I can fix it.  These problems are almost always carburetor related. Open up the carb, spray it out with choke cleaner.  That solves the problem at least 50% of the time.  Actually more than that.  Everything gets gummed up and the needle doesn't seat properly and there you have it, a constant flow of gas flooding out the cylinder.  They claim it is a newer weed eater.  I don't know but I don't feel like spending my own money on a new one. I'll take the non workijng one into a shop before i do that.

Well.  Sitting here on the living room couch trying to motivate myself.  Looking at airfare in January to Hawaii. It's gonna be a bit costly.  The airfare is around $700 which doesn't include hotel, food or transportation.  I'm just waitng for them to pull the trigger on tickets and then I can figure out the dates and try to find the cheapest airfare available.  But even cheap hotels add up after a week's stay.  And nothing in Hawaii is cheap.  A tent on the beach lol.  Be quite the flight if it's a full plane. No first class for me unfortuunately.

I'm still reeling after this home loan modification fiasco.  They make you jump through a lot of hoops.  It may be worth it to have almost $300 dropped from your monthly payment, but it certainly leaves a bad taste in your mouth after going through all of that.  They still haven't started showing on time payments.  I guess they won't do that until after they get the paperwork I just sent in and make it official.  In fact, my credit rating on Experian dropped 18 points last month and that with no changes either good or bad.  That one was a bit perplexing.

Well, the new doggy is a bit of a chewer.  Nothing like the owner's of this house dog who chewed literally everything including glass bottles.  In fact, Aspyn is a very fast learner.  Oh, I"m keeping the spelling.  I was going to change it and then everyyone came along and said how nice a name it is, Aspen-Aspyn, it all sounds the same so no biggies.  She's very eager to please but at the same time has a bit of a stubborn streak.  She won't listen - yet - when I call her.  That will come with time, she is completely untrained and I count myself lucky she doesn't pee in the house when I bring her in.  But, large dogs seem to have that trait much more than smaller dogs.  For whatever reason, they tend to want to keep their bathroom activities outside.

Anyway, I decided to run an ad in Craigslist  and see if I can get someone over here to do some digging and dirt hauling.  That's exactly what I don't want to do.  It is stuff that I need to get done - that won't this weekend anyway if it's up to my efforts to  do it.  I've just expended myself too much in the last week or so.  We'll see what becomes of that ad.

Meanwhile, guess I'll head to the stores and get the things I need to proceed with the day.

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