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About 50 to 60 feet to go. That's the drain line I am installing for diverting away storm water that accumulates on the sidewalk directly in front of the steps to accesst the front porch.  Other areas of pooling water have also now been identified once I got that done and I will have to T off the line I have installed and put drainage in those areas as well.  Then there's the driveway.  Who would build a driveway on a slope and then have the water pooling right there in the middle of it?  This only lends to cracking - which it has done.

The driveway part isn't on any priority list, far too many other things to do long before I ever do that.  To fix that, I will have to cut the concrete to be able to dig out a trench underneath, install a drain with solid brass drain grate and then pour concrete back over the top of it.  Now, the rest of the water diverts down the sidewalk to the aforementioned steps to the house, with pooling along the way.  I can easily add onto the exit…