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I did my part.  My mom's birthday is on 9/11.  I sent her flowers on Friday.  I sent her a new thermometer that she wanted that takes out side temp and sends it to a receiver insisde.  I got one that is solar powered so she doesn't have to buy batteries for it.  I wished her happy birthday on Facebook and also wished her a happy birthday on the group mms that she has with all of us - her and 3 sons.  I called her and spent a good deal of time talking to her.

My brothers - sent her no gifts.  They did not call her.  They texted her: Happy Birthday Mother! - not even using mom which I find deplorable but that's just me - and that was it. She moved to their side of town to be closer to the mountains and not have to deal with valley traffic, which can be quite insane.  She is very close to them now.  No mention of visiting her.

I know all of this because when I was talking to her on the phone, I said I would have come over and spent some time with her if I were there which i…