Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thirsty Thursday.  A few of us go to a local brewery and have a few beers.  Interesting revelations came forth form today's engagement.  Mainly, my co-driver that I have written about quite a bit.  Not only does he talk trash about numerous other people, he has also spoken a great deal of trash about me behind my back which I knew nothing about excepting one thing that I had heard a few weeks ago.  Like, constantly.  Makes you wonder about the human race.  How do we become so evil and have such evil intent about others?

It is disappointing to find out he has been talking like that to my co-workers. but not shocking.  He has been sinking his own ship for some time now, as at least 3 people I know of want him gone.  He talks too much, he says too much s*** about too many people and that is that.  I had thought that since we were "friends" beyond work that he wouldn't be engaging in such about me, but I was proven wrong tonight.

Keep tabs on your enemies.  So the saying goes. But we are already at odds.  Numerous new rules. It started with him dumping my pallet on the ground and taking the forklift without asking.  I had just gotten off the thing to go get some paperwork from inside, when I came back out, he was driving off with it.  I asked him what he was doing?  We don't do stuff like that around there, we always ask - everyone- if you are done with it or if you can take it for a few minutes. There is another forklift and he doesn't like that one. So, he had brought the other one up, parked it beside the one I was using and took off with it.  He was yelling at me that he can't do this and that with "that" forklift.

Well, yes he can, but it's more work and he's lazy.

Now, 2 days ago, I left work having had chocked the wheels on the semi. This is a requirement that corporate is putting out. If you are loading or unloading a truck, the wheels must be chocked. At the end of the day, the wheels must be chocked. Okay, well, semi's have spring brakes but I won't go into that.  I had chocked the wheels, only to find the next morning the chocks gone. Yesterday, I put the chalks on the tires again.  Well, lo and behold, the coworker pulls the 10 wheeler in the yard and parks next to the semi. I was in the will call room about 150 feet away talking and just happened to glance out the glass door and see him taking the chalks from the semi and putting them under the 10 wheeler tires.

I'm looking at the warehouse dude, this is why the semi tires weren't chalked this morning, which was yesterday.  He's sinking himself and likely if he continues with all of the stuff he has been saying and doing, he will get his butt fired.  After betraying me like that, I don't know how I will feel about that if/when it happens.  I do know my involvement with him is going to be extremely limited.

Well, onto other things.  nothing else has been said in the text message with my mom and brothers. I expect nothing to change anytime soon.  Little to be said about that.

New tenants want premium Direct TV package and claim they will pay for it including movie channels.  All well and fine, if they are paying for it, I will be all good with that.

New doggy has also figured out how to jump the fence.  What is with dogs and jumping fences? Now I am faced with trying to either figure out how to escape proof the yard - which likely will not be cheap - or finding her a new home. Was just getting to like the dog, too.

Uhh, things aren't really gonig that well I guess.

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