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Thirsty Thursday.  A few of us go to a local brewery and have a few beers.  Interesting revelations came forth form today's engagement.  Mainly, my co-driver that I have written about quite a bit.  Not only does he talk trash about numerous other people, he has also spoken a great deal of trash about me behind my back which I knew nothing about excepting one thing that I had heard a few weeks ago.  Like, constantly.  Makes you wonder about the human race.  How do we become so evil and have such evil intent about others?

It is disappointing to find out he has been talking like that to my co-workers. but not shocking.  He has been sinking his own ship for some time now, as at least 3 people I know of want him gone.  He talks too much, he says too much s*** about too many people and that is that.  I had thought that since we were "friends" beyond work that he wouldn't be engaging in such about me, but I was proven wrong tonight.

Keep tabs on your enemies.  So the saying…