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I ran an ad last weekend and has a college kid over in fairly short order.  He did a very good job of doing what I asked considering it was all digging - not easy work especially considering how hot it was outside.  I was impressed and thankful to finally find a person that didn't complain about actually earning the money versus the entitelment minded people that want something - for nothing.  He wants to come back over tomorrow and I still have plenty of dirt work to do so yes, please do.  I have enough to keep him busy as long as he wants to work out there.

I, on the other hand, am going to be doing less laborious work.  I just spent an entire afternoon lifting and moving around heavy fittings in the heat/humidity and I think I'll just let the kid have do the heavy lifting tomorrow. He's not really a kid, he's 22 years old but that's what I call people that age and younger.  He obviously has no extra money but probably doesn't want to work a "real" …