Friday, September 16, 2016

I ran an ad last weekend and has a college kid over in fairly short order.  He did a very good job of doing what I asked considering it was all digging - not easy work especially considering how hot it was outside.  I was impressed and thankful to finally find a person that didn't complain about actually earning the money versus the entitelment minded people that want something - for nothing.  He wants to come back over tomorrow and I still have plenty of dirt work to do so yes, please do.  I have enough to keep him busy as long as he wants to work out there.

I, on the other hand, am going to be doing less laborious work.  I just spent an entire afternoon lifting and moving around heavy fittings in the heat/humidity and I think I'll just let the kid have do the heavy lifting tomorrow. He's not really a kid, he's 22 years old but that's what I call people that age and younger.  He obviously has no extra money but probably doesn't want to work a "real" job - something you are bound to.  That college has dorms and provides meals, but as I have been told from someone else the meals are prety much the same stuff every week and it "gets old".  I have no sympathy.  I really don't.  I have gone through my share of poverty and living without, I know what it feels like, I didn't complain, I just dealt with it.  Well, I wasn't happy that time the water heater went out and I didn't have the money to buy a new one.  I went months without hot water.

Anyway, it's a breath of fresh air to have someone over that actually will work and not complain about it and be happy with the funds handed to him - the agreed upon funds, not some - well I did all of this so I deserve more crap attitude that really annoys me and people telling me that will get my opinion of their attitude directed back at them without tact or courtesy.  My ads say the price I will pay. When anyone contacts me, I repeat it again: You do understand that I am paying $10 per hour?  In this economy? That is good money for unskilled labor.  I also rephrase: this is hard work, you are going to be digging and such.

So, that's that.  My carb kit came in today so I will endeavor tomorrow to rebuild the weedeater carburetor and hopefully it will work and I can get busy with that.  I also found a chainsaw for more than I want to pay but I may get it.  There are plenty of tools over here, but that is one that is sorely lacking.  This property is virtually surrounded by trees - very, very tall and large trees and much of it needs some extreme pruning. Trees that big? You have to have a chainsaw.

That reminds me.  I'm not a slave laborer, the kid likes cranberry juice so I'm going to get a jug of that for him for tomorrow.  Probably buy some sort of fast food lunch as well.  I mean, from my perspective, I'm getting a good deal I don't think it too much to add food and drinks on top of it.

I also need to treat the wood flooring in here.  This stuff is pretty gawdy looking. They never did anything for it.  I mean - nothing but sweep it.  But you are walking on it every day, you have to treat the flooring.  Not a big priority, not sure if I'll even have that kind of motivation.  I wouldn't mind getting a start on it though.  Then there is the wood that was ruined by the water leaking from the AC unit.  Right now? That isn't on my priority list.  It's in the hallway, it's mostly out of sight, I'm not concerned about that right now.

Boy could I write a long post here.  The new lady tenant is - nosy and she freely admits to it.  She gets herself into everyone's business. But there is one thing that I am going to address.  She is having my dogs in during the day and they are growing quite fond of her.  I'm sorry, but I'm not ready or even willing to share Addler's affections.  They can pet him, be nice to him, etc, but having him in her bedroom? Not.  He is an outside dog while I'm at work and I made that crystal clear before they moved in here, but she seems to have other thoughts.  I'm just tyring to come up with a tactful way of putting it that won't come off offensive and right now, I haven't been able to come up with that yet.  She's a nice lady, she is very attention starved, she has no local friends, I understand how a dog can help make up for that, but they are my dogs, not hers.  She is free to get her own dog. She said she gave up her dog to come here, I was like, well get the dog back. A Bassett Hound. I don't really care if she shares the affections of the new German Shepherd, but not my Dane.  He is showing signs of being pulled and I don't like it.  Call me a jealous dog owner, it may very well be true and I won't be ashamed of it.  I went through quite a lot to get that dog, more to go through his initial stages of unrest while adjusting to a new home and owner, I pay for his food, I spend the time I do have at home with him, he is my dog

Is there something wrong with feeling that way? Seriously.  I don't think so.

Onto other things.  I have neard absolutely nothing further about this situation with my brothers basically ignoring mom's birthday.  She will eat it.  She always does. She will hide the pain and act like nothing has happened. She has already done that, texting everyone exactly as if nothing has happened and .... there is nothing coming back from my brothers.  I am growing very unattached to them.  I could care less if I ever see them again.  I text with her every day. I call her on weekends.  But I can't replace the relationships with her other two sons.  I just think they are pathetic losers and vermin. Selfish, self-abosrbed, self-serving.  Ungrateful, uncaring and obnoxious.

She almost had my trailer sold today. The man went up to her property, inspected the thing inside and out, declared he would give 2k for it after starting at $1,700, which is way low-balling it, actually 2k is as well but I wanted it out of there and off my hands.  But, he couldn't get the brakes and tail lights to work, something is probably wrong in the pigtail.  So, after all of that, he decided against it and left.  Mom has a repair guy and I asked if she could get him up there ot fix it? He came up not long ago and replaced a sunroof over the shower and a vent that was leaking for a very reasonabe price.  She said ok and not 5 minutes later she texted back that he is coming on Tuesday.  I know I would be leery of pulling a trailer down the road with non-functioning brake and turn signal lights and also it's illegal for obvious reasons, I can only hope this guy will get it done for not too much such as the last thing he did.

I don't really want to spend any more money on it after this.  If it doesn't sell, then I'm going to have to pay to have it hauled down to the valley and this thing is going to start being a money drain.  Oh how I would love to  have that thing out here, though!

Which reminds me.  There was an announcement at work today that the F250 is going to be replaced.  Meaning that one will be available for sale It runs great, other drivers have trashed the body of it.  It should go pretty cheap.  But it's a good ole boy club, if anyone else there wants it,  they won't even consider me.  But I'm still going to ask the manager about it.

Yesterday we did the Thirsty Thursday thing. Which is go to a local brewery and sample their beers and talk.  It came out from the 2 inside salesman that the new manager actually likes me now.  Well of course he does, I work my ass off and I have been keeping my mouth shut about the things that make him mad, even though those things have nothing to do with him.  He's a strange one and I doubt I will ever figure him out.  In fact, I have been declared the best worker there.  Whoopdee dooo!  Pay me then! Though that is out of the manager's hands, he has actually tried to get us more money but the GM is a stingy freak and so is the district manager.

The other thing that came out is my co-worker that I refer to often enough on this blog.  They stated he talks trash about me behind my back on a daily basis.  Huh?  You didn't know that? No, not really.  I heard from you a few weeks ago he had been saying something about me but I thought it was a one-time deal.  Nope, he talks trash about everyone and you on a daily basis.  If he finds out you are here with us, he is probably going to s*** his pants.

Why do people have to be so incredibly small? I left that get-together with ill thoughts of him, pondering what I should do. "I stay friends to know what my enemies are doing" is a thought that comes to mind.

Well, it's late.  Post more tomorrow.

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