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As I suspected, motivation levels dwindled this weekend. I feel like doing nothing.  This was a particular busy week at work and yesterday ended with hours of labor pulling a huge order frying in the sun and humidity.  It was so hot, I was begging for the day to be over.  I pulled almost all of that order and then was about to go inside to clock out - when the warehouse dude came out and said no, they are all cleaning in there, you are exempted from that - obviously because I was working and they were not.

He eluded to wanting me to stay longer and finish. I didn't say no, exactly, I just said can't this wait until Monday or does this need to be finished today?  Well, why don't you just come in at 7 am Monday and you can finish then.  Cool. twice this week I came in "early" - which used to be our normal time and here we  go with Monday starting early as well,

I did get  new tires on the front of my car earlier and left my car at a shop to have the oil changed - …