Sunday, September 18, 2016

As I suspected, motivation levels dwindled this weekend. I feel like doing nothing.  This was a particular busy week at work and yesterday ended with hours of labor pulling a huge order frying in the sun and humidity.  It was so hot, I was begging for the day to be over.  I pulled almost all of that order and then was about to go inside to clock out - when the warehouse dude came out and said no, they are all cleaning in there, you are exempted from that - obviously because I was working and they were not.

He eluded to wanting me to stay longer and finish. I didn't say no, exactly, I just said can't this wait until Monday or does this need to be finished today?  Well, why don't you just come in at 7 am Monday and you can finish then.  Cool. twice this week I came in "early" - which used to be our normal time and here we  go with Monday starting early as well,

I did get  new tires on the front of my car earlier and left my car at a shop to have the oil changed - walked home.  I'm driving highway speeds which aren't slow and I had had thoughts this week that I better get those fronts changed out.  I'm just hopeful to get another 30 to 50 k miles out of that car.  I really don't much care for it anymore, I've just been driving it for like 8 years and wish I could get into something different. While walking home, the next door neighbor's kid showed me his friend's new truck.  A Dodge 4 door cab with 8 foot bed, nice intererior, older but still in good shape.  How much? $1,500.  What? How do you buy a truck like this for that kind of money?

It had a bad engine, they just happened to have a good one at their house. That truck is easily worth 5k. They are replacing the F250 at work with a new one, the old one will be available to buy.  But that thing has been abused.  The tail gate is trashed, the are dents and scrapes on the sides, the driver's side mirror has been destroyed, etc etc etc.  This is our quality drivers destroying the thing.  Depends on how much they want for it, but it's the good ole' boy's club, if a long time person wants it, it doesn't matter how much I offer for it, they won't sell it to me.

I still have this non functioning Jeep Cherokee on the side of the house that I would like to get running and get rid of it.  Sell it for whatever I can get out of it and be done with it. They just have far too bad ratings from very unhappy owners that say the things will break down frquently.  I can see using it to tow a trailer with my 4 wheelers on it - if it stops working oh well, but not to drive to work.

No, I haven't given up on land.  I just can't do anything until I get my credit score back up and the mortgage company still hasn't updated it.

Well, my trip to Lowe's produced nothing. I have yet another dog now that can jump the fence.  i was going to install thosed angled things you put on top  of chain link fence and then wrap barbed wire around it.  Neither Lowe's nor Home Depot sells that stuff.  Or Tractor Supply.  Lol, I gave up looking, but a 25 foot chain and a post you drive into the ground and we are going to start training her.  Get out of the yard? Get put on that chain for an hour.

I did find those arms online though at a good price. Fixing to order enough of them to cover both front portions and partial down the sides. I'm not sure if I'm going to have to surround the entire yard, that would get to be a bit much.  2 rolls of barbed wire (at least) and a large number of those arms, just not really interested


Much later.  Walked Addler up to the shop to get my car back from getting oil changed - which is an amusement in itself walking that dog and all the reactions - driving back, very short distance and i get a call.  Guy is here to work.  Well that guy didn't bother to shop up at 10:00 am which he said he was going to by his own offering and when he didn't he also didn't bother to contact me and tell me he isn't coming.  Well he was there, standing on the porch so I thought okay, put him to work.

I am not giving him the stuff I don't mind doing, I'm giving him the stuff I definitley do not want to do.  Shovelling dirt and hauling it to the creek out back.  I was in no mood to work today, so I didn't; 15 straight days of buting @$$ and I just decided I needed today off.  The front of he house is slowly transforming including the grass seed  I planted is growing.  There's plenty more to go but today was another good haul. In my world and from my experience, it's rare to find a person that will actually work and take pride in what they are doing.


Sunday. They sent me the wrong carb kit.
Ugh.  None of the gaskets were right.

Well whatever. At least my new grass is growing out there.  And we now have a hole well on it's way to becoming a pond, something I"ve wanted to do out there since I moved in here.  The one out back is nice but everyone sits out front.  Prolly because the back isn't so nice yet.  I'll get that changed in Spring.  Not a priority right now.

I dunno what to do about the weedeater - I really don't want to buy a new one but the need is growing out there.  It hasn't been done in over a month and though the mower is at least keeping the grass trimmed, the overgrowth from the areas where the mower can't do anything is looking pretty bad.  It's actually a pretty nice neighborhood and most everyone keeps their lawns nicely maintained.


I bought a new one.  I'll get this one fixed and have a backup.  Just like the mower, there is another one sitting there that they have that hasn't run in a while.  I'm hoping just take the carb apart, clean it and it will fire up.

Next door neighbor kid came over and declared that he wants to take care of Addler when I'm gone.  He loves that dog - but nobody loves my Addler more than me : ) He's my giant baby.  Not that he looks are acts like one, but he is!  Aspyn has learned how to jump over fences.  However, since the new tenants are here, the lady decided to take it upon herself to try and train her not to. Aspyn won't do that when I'm home.  I bought a tie down with a 25 foot chain attached to it.  Aspyn jumps of the fence? She is put in timeout for an hour and then released.  My plan to buy the 45 angles and put barbed wire on it I have put on hold.  We'll see if this works.  She doesn't go anywhere.  She comes up on the porch and sits on the bench where I normally sit.  I'm used to 6 foot fencing, that isn't what's here and much of the neighborhood - though not all of it - is also 4 foot fencing.  Just an expense I am not going to get into.

Well, watch a little TV and then go out and fire up the new weedeater and get busy.

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