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There is a problem with the new lady tenant.
She has no social life.  Beisdes the people in the house.
She is also obviously wanting to find a relationship with someone.
Now, I don't mind the talking until it starts getting repetitious.

But today, when I got home from work, I just wanted to sit out back, alone, with the dogs, and just think in quietness.
Okay, not total silence, the dogs were going crazy and that's fine, I'm a fan.  Well, their craziness drew her from the from porch to the back, where she began attmepting to invoke her vast amounts of knowledge about dogs to me about the behavior they were exhitibiting.  I was trying to be nice so I just nodded my head and agreed with her.

Nothing she said was news to me. But that wasn't really the bad part, the bad part is when she started saying the same things, over and over and over - and over - and over - 15, 20 times.  I'm just internally getting extremely irritated with this. Make your point, don't rep…