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Well, day 10 of sickness.  Several people informing me I need to go to a doctor.  I'm thinking, for what? This is a virus, viruses usually take me a while to get past.  I went.  The doc checked me out, said my blood pressure was up a bit, oh well, I'm sure it will go back down.  He didn't say to do anything about it, anyway, since it's normally well below the normal range.

He then asked if I had ever been diagnosed with allergies?  Ummm, I have terrible allergies.  Not a diagnoses but definitely go the rounds with it.  Well, he says, you have some drainage going on so I want to either give you a shot or pills of steroids. I've had this before.  I also have docs asking those questions before - the shot is more effective but I guess a lot of people are afraid of needles.  I'm not one of those people. However, when the thing was pushed into my butt and the stuff was injected, it burned like crazy.  Never had that bad of a reaction to steroids before.

Anyway, he …