Saturday, October 1, 2016

Well, day 10 of sickness.  Several people informing me I need to go to a doctor.  I'm thinking, for what? This is a virus, viruses usually take me a while to get past.  I went.  The doc checked me out, said my blood pressure was up a bit, oh well, I'm sure it will go back down.  He didn't say to do anything about it, anyway, since it's normally well below the normal range.

He then asked if I had ever been diagnosed with allergies?  Ummm, I have terrible allergies.  Not a diagnoses but definitely go the rounds with it.  Well, he says, you have some drainage going on so I want to either give you a shot or pills of steroids. I've had this before.  I also have docs asking those questions before - the shot is more effective but I guess a lot of people are afraid of needles.  I'm not one of those people. However, when the thing was pushed into my butt and the stuff was injected, it burned like crazy.  Never had that bad of a reaction to steroids before.

Anyway, he said I should be feeling better by Monday.  If not, he gave me Plan B - a prescription for antibiotics.

To be honest? That's all I did today.  I didn't even get out of bed until 10 am.  I've had zero energy so I've just been resting, sleeping and doing much of nothing.  Which stinks because I really like to take the dogs for walks. The weather is cooling and it's much nicer out there.

Making it through the work week was rather hellish, the only plus was that I had numerous long runs that kept me driving instead of pulling huge orders.  But pulling even small orders was a chore.  Yesterday I had to meet an older gentleman in Texarcana to give him some materials they needed.  He had driven there to a valve company that we deal with to get 2 tapping sleeves that we didn't have.  We get some true emergencies sometimes.  There are always small water breaks going on, but this one allegedly had most of the town of Bastrop without any water.  Louisiana - a lot of it- has an aging infrastructure and very old water pipe under the ground.  They start breaking and small towns try to keep fixing it, but it has a ripple effect.  A lot of these towns are broke but apparently the feds give them grants to fix water supply systems.  Meaning replacing all old pipe, fittings and services.

Anyway, I had to move the stuff by myself from my truck to his, which was no fun.  Still, it was pure overtime, this came up late in the day and I didn't get back to the yard until after everyone went home excepting my co-driver whose truck he was driving broke down and he had to wait at the shop for it to be repaired.  They want that truck loaded and ready to go for Monday morning.  However, he didn't load the truck.  Our board says the truck has to be there at 8 am at the job site.  I think he's fixing to get a bit of trouble coming his way

This is my version of a ruined weekend. Doing nothing when there is so much to do isn't exactly my idea of fun.  I have everything I need except for some cinder blocks to build that pond.  I dunno.  I have to get the blocks from Lowe's and I don't know if I can fit them all in the trunk of my car.

The people that own this house are basically broke.  If there is something goes wrong here, I'ma have to fix it and hope they can pay it back at a later date.  I'm not going to concern myself with the $37 for the AC, but there are things that can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, even thousands if you consider a new AC system.  They just had a new roof put on so I don't need to worry about that.  but there are things like the AC, water heater, washer dryer setup, refrigerator - anything else that can cost a small fortune.  Things that can cost a small fortune to replace.

I was talking with her today - wishing I could figure out how to get another tenant in here. She suggested my suggestion from a while back: a travel trailer.

Welp, ;;I think I'll end this one and go to bed.

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