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I don't have much opportunity to speak to the cop next door, but when I do, it's pretty interesting stuff.  He pulled over a car going 91 in a 75 zone today and was talking to the driver.  Black lady, very well dressed, very articulate and intelligent and good kids in the back seat.  Well, he says, turns out, she had warrants out for her arrest.  He had a wedding to go to, but something she said got him interested in looking it up and proving it.  She said she hadn't had a ticket in 20 years.  When he went to look it up, he found the lady had 2 warrants for assault and battery a few towns over.  Pretty much ruined his wedding plans, lol, as she went to jail and he babysat kids for 2 hours waiting for relatives to show up and get them.

Then we got into Obama, Trump and Hillary. Lolol.  Okay, well I won't go into that, but he did say something that has been surfacing everywhere: where are all of these people that are talking about Hillary?  In real life? I don't mee…