Monday, October 3, 2016

Okay. Well I got to work today feeling extremely cruddy.  I didn't sleep a wink last night. I've had those shots of steroids before without any side effects, not this one.  I feel funny and it kept me awake all night long.  I took out a delivery and after I was done with it, wondered how I was going to make it through the rest of the day?  I didn't. 2 hours into work I went into the manager and asked for the rest of the day off, I just can't do this today.  We were very slow, so it wasn't putting anyone out.  Went home and just laid in bed for a long time.  Eventually got up, went to the election office and registered to vote = I thought I had but apparently I hadn't finished the process so I decided to go straight to the place that would take care of this, which is all of a mile and a half away.

The nice thing about living in small towns is that nothing is very far away. At least, if it's in the town.  If it's in another town, then you are in for a drive.  I then went to the ATT store to find a cheap phone for my landlords in Phoenix. I had no idea they were shelling out upwards of $80 per month for cards to refill the phone.  Pay as you go stuff.  Expensive, especially as much as they have to use it when they are trying to rent out a room. I can get a phone with text/calling only, unlimited for $20 bucks a month.  Well, they said at the store that the lowest priced phone that would work with my plan that I could get there was almost $300.

No freaking way.  I know  I can get a phone for around $40 that serves the purpose they need, just to make calls and texting.  But, several of those cheap phones will also get you on the internet if you are in the range of wifi.  I blew them off and went to the post office to send the home owners here their mail.  Which next time I want them to tell me what they actually have to have sent and what can just be thrown in the trash.  I don't even get my mail from Phoenix anymore, they just go through it and tell me what it is and now I just have them read it to me over the phone.

Anyway, then she - the lady running my house over there - sent me an email saying she had to pay to have Sophie put down - I originally got that dog but they wanted her when I left and it was going to be too much to take her out here.  I didn't exactly get the dog in good condition, she had extreme hip problems at an early age and it finally caught up to her.  Then she said she had to buy pond fish food and something else of which I don't remember and she is broke, oh the other thing was the excessive phone stuff - can you please give me some guidance?

Well, it was $280 worth and I figured that the only thing I could really do is excuse the debt considering what they have done over there in keeping the place in good condition and immaculately clean.   I'm not saying that is an easy thing to do - give up that much money as I have things I need to do with it but - I can live without.

There isn't much else.  Kinda sucks that I am still being held back by this sickness but it's definitely the injection and whatever side effects and once that passes I should be fine.  If I can get any sleep tonight I should be okay for work tomorrow though.

Well, I'm fading here, time to stop this.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...