Saturday, October 22, 2016

So, I am feeling better now so cleanup outside was on the list for today.  First I found another person to come over.  I put a post on a Facebook virtual yard sale group - where numerous people post  asking for people to come and work - and got a large number of replies.  The first one, though was the one I took as is customary on those venues to response to the first person.

Turns out it was a mama trying to find some work for her son who is too young to work at a fast food or similar place.  I kinda had my reservations because the work I wanted done is moving dirt and that is hard work.  But I decided to take a chance.  Do you get a spoiled brat that doesn't want to work or a person that has learned a good work ethic? Cause' that stuff is learned or not learned early in life and people have a rude awakening when the go out into the real world and find out that everyone - including employers - are not going to pander to entitlement, self-serving bs.

Anyway, this 15 year old was good as gold.  He worked literally all day long, only stopping a couple of times to take short breaks and eat a  - peanut butter sandwich.  That was his lunch.  I immediately figured these were probably poorer people and that came out in the wash later on.  How about this?: this boy has never seen his real father, who lives in a town about 80 miles away.  Whatever, obviously bad stuff going on there, not my business.  They live in a trailer park maybe 15 miles from here.

Well, while this kid was doing this, the next door neighbor's son and 2 of his friends come meandering over to the fence.  They trashed my Honda 300EX quite a while back, I got disgusted with it, just left it sit in the driveway.  They decided they were going to come over and fix it.  Oh really?  Well be my guest, yins the ones that broke it.  They literally spent the entire day trying to get the thing going.  They fixed the oil leak, put oil in it, got  the thing running after numerous attempts, but then I pointed out the chain situation. When they had taken it, some adult had "fixed" it by destroying the chain tensioner.  Literally broke the thing. So, they were riding it around with a chain slapping around and spinning off.

Whatever the case, the never were able to resolve the broken chain tensioner. They tried taking the chain up to the Honda dealer and having a link removed.  Well, the dealer took out two links, not idea whose fault that was, the kids giving them wrong information or the mechanic.  Anyway, then the went all over the place looking for extra links since the Honda dealer didn't give them the links back and were closed.  They were determined to get the thing working - I mean, I had given up on the thing.  I didn't want to touch it after I saw what they had done to it - though what happened to it is really a long story and wasn't actually the neighbor kids' fault, but, he was definitely responsible for it.  That was agreed upon before he took it.

It was only today he finally took responsibility for all of that.  They finally gave up near darkfall. The kid that was working stayed until 6.  We feed him dinner. Which he was all-too-happy to partake and after I asked if he wanted more, he said he would like to take some home.

Now, the fire department showed up.  Yup, just now, while writing this.  I was burning leaves out back - have been since this morning - I was informed that it was okay to do that i city limits.  But, I thought, I bet this was called in on the sheriff's house next door.  The kids were out back pouring gas all over the place and lighting it up.  But I admitted I was burning leaves, though the flames were out, it was just smoldering.  They came out back, saw the smoke, no fire.  One of them talking about writing me a ticket.

Well, they had come out a month ago or so while I was at work, declaring to the lady tenant that we had a fire and it needed to be put out. Uhhh, we aren't burning any fires here. It was the next door neighbor kid, had a fire going, somebody called the fire department.  Gag.  In Phoenix? We could have a fire anytime we wanted.  Anyway, I pointed to the fire in the sheriff's back yard.  Oh.  Oops.  They gonna write me a ticket but no him?  I didn't say anything about that, I just pointed out the fire and how it was started, how they had come out here before and blamed us for a fire that wasn't ours to own, and probably that was who the call was actually on. Oh, we're going to go over there, too.  Yeah, right, I thought.  "I'm sure you know **** (name of sheriff). Oh yes, we know him.  The talk of tickets disappeared, informed me I had to get a permit to burn and that was the end of that story.

Don't even try to tell me there isn't a good ole' boy's club going on in between officials like this. I've seen it repeated here for a while now. I don't really care, either, it's life but funny how they were going to write me a ticket until they saw what was going on next door.  I would have called them out on it if they had done that - written me a ticket and not the neighbor for the same exact thing - and I would have pushed it.  Trust me, I have no patience for this kind of foolery.

I dunno what else.  Oh, yes, the RV has been moved to my property in Phoenix.  I have placed an ad, but it is a repost of an earlier ad.  I need to start a fresh one, reposts never get much attention.  I'm not going to settle for anything less than $2,500 for it.  I've just spent too much getting it fixed up and moving it down there and it's definitely worth that much money.  If/when it gets sold, I'm going to fix that Jeep my friends the homeowners here gave me, put a hitch on it, get a trailer and yes, I'm going to go riding on my 4 wheelers. Well that's my tentative plan.  I dunno what I will actually end up doing, but that Jeep is just sitting there.

I'm still watching a few NFL games, but I've mostly grown repulsed by the protests with the kneeling s***, the NFL can go bake.  They can force players to stand if they want to, their stand is costing them money. The NFL won't admit it, but the 11% decline in viewership is definitely related to the boycott.  The NFL is not untouchable, but the NFL put out a message to the teams saying everything but the boycott is the cause of it, they'll weather the storm, yada yada yada.  Yeah, well, when you see some whiny little rich boys out on a field kneeling and dissing our flag and our anthem, they can got rot.  I hope the percentages keep going down in viewership. Get that number to 30 percent and they will have no choice but to tell these a-holes to stand or get out.  Sorry, but this stuff pisses me off.

Whatever.  This election cycle is also growing very old.  Let's get the election over with and then? everyone can complain about the outcome.  If Trump wins, there will be rioting.  If Hillary wins, there won't be rioting but I'm betting the Convention of States idea is going to become much more popular.  Talk of an uprising but so far, just talk.  Really.  I'm not sorry to say there is no way Hillary Clinton should be in the running. How do Hillary supporters simply ignore all of this endless junk that has been coming out against her?

Dog situation starting to level out. After confronting the lady tenant about her over-involvement with MY dogs, she all but stopped all of it.  Addler is coming back around to me.  Heck, I just spent the entire day outside with both of my dogs and that was cool.  However....I didn't know Aspyn wasn't spayed when I got her. Umm so she is 8 months old, in heat and I"m afraid I'm going to have Great Dane/German Shepherd mix puppies coming.  I don't really want that, at all and I only noticed the heat part when I noticed drops of blood on the floor. I'll wait until I see whether she's pregnant or not and then have her spayed.  I don't need or want puppies, thank you.  Too much work.

Not much else.  Continued dire warnings about the economy. Now a warning about a new world currency.  I would call it speculation but a few have accurately predicted previous disasters. Speaking of predictions, the dude that has accurately predicted presidential election outcomes for the last 30 years - in a row - has said his model shows that Trump will win the election.  I would very much like that to come true, but only because in my view? Hillary is a disaster in the making.  I don't have the unction to write out my reasons why now.  I have been working all day long, it's almost 10 pm and I'm done for the day.

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...