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So, I am feeling better now so cleanup outside was on the list for today.  First I found another person to come over.  I put a post on a Facebook virtual yard sale group - where numerous people post  asking for people to come and work - and got a large number of replies.  The first one, though was the one I took as is customary on those venues to response to the first person.

Turns out it was a mama trying to find some work for her son who is too young to work at a fast food or similar place.  I kinda had my reservations because the work I wanted done is moving dirt and that is hard work.  But I decided to take a chance.  Do you get a spoiled brat that doesn't want to work or a person that has learned a good work ethic? Cause' that stuff is learned or not learned early in life and people have a rude awakening when the go out into the real world and find out that everyone - including employers - are not going to pander to entitlement, self-serving bs.

Anyway, this 15 year old w…