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With the new revelation of "5 digit number" of emails found on a laptop computer, we may see a reverse in the polls - of which I greatly distrust anyway - going for Clinton.  Even as of today, they are showing Clinton with only a few points lead which are in the margin of error meaning it's basically a tie.  Too bad the electoral college can just vote however they want to, in the end.

Well anyway.  In the midst of trying to get that trailer sold.  Getting lots of lowball offers on it.  I'm not going to sell it for less than $2,500 unless time marches on and it becomes obvious that I'm just not going to get that kind of money out of it.  But I've dumped so much into it, I would like to at least break even on it.  I'm going to hold out for a while and see if I can get anything close to what I want.  So far, the highest offer was 2 grand, the lowest was 750 and everything in between.  The interior of that thing is in excellent condition.  The only issue insi…