Monday, November 7, 2016

Sunday.  Credit score jumped 60 points after the mortgage company finally posted it.  It will take a while now for anymore change to come.  I need to bring down some account balances and find a new card to open up.  Not so I can charge more but I was doing simulations on a credit tracker and getting another card would help my score substantially.  Taking out an auto loan would also help, but geeze.  I hate auto loans. I'd do it if I had to, but right now, I don't have to.  Car running fine, a bunch of cosmetic problems with it but it's paid for and purrs down the highway.  I'm holding off on another car loan for a while.  I need a year of on time house payments before I can even think about getting some land.

I finally sold the trailer.  Not as much as i wanted but I did get the minimum I was asking for it at $2,500.  I was trying for around 3 grand. But, we kept getting low balled.  One person insisted the trailer was only worth $700.  It has new carpet, new wall paper (fancy stuff, too, I bought more expensive stuff because I was going to spend time in it and I wanted it to look nice, and yes, I did make a lot of trips up to the mountains and spend weekends there). I fixed the AC, roof leaks, put in new roof hatches and fans, all kinds of stuff I did to it.  Still needed more but it was in good shape, including oak cabinets all throughout.  It was a nice trailer and certainly worth more than $700.

Well anyway, now I've got the Jeep computer out and sending it into a company that refurbishes them with a guaranteed life time warranty.  I'm going to have to take it into a shop after that to have it hooked back up because the plug ins came out in pieces and I can't even find the parts to fix it.  I mean, yes, I can start calling junkyards around America, someone somewhere probably has them, but I really want a shop to hook it up to a computer and make sure that everything else is okay with it.


Start posts and get busy and forget to finish them.  Oh well. Tomorrow is Election Day.  At least the decision about who our next President will be will finally be over.  Or will it? If Polling Maps are any indicator, it's not going to be a landslide by any means, at least I don't think so going either way, and there are going to be a lot of upset people after tomorrow regardless of who wins.

Anyways, my sprocket came in today and that 4 wheeler will be done as far as I'm going to get it done for now until I am confident that spending the rest of the money to get it fully back to form is going to be worth it.  Ie: the engine.  Is it still in good shape?  It fires up and doesn't smoke so I guess I can safely say it's good enough but still.

I saw a tanker refilling fuel tanks at a local gas station yesterday with "now hiring" sign on it and "home every day" sign as well.  I was all into that. But it's based in a town a long ways off from here, I don't know if they are driving that far to refill local gas stations, I would think not actually, that wouldn't be very effective or efficient but who knows.  But after going to their site, it takes relatively very little time to accrue vacation time and you don't have to be there forever to get a very nice reward of vacation hours, either.  The pay, of course, is what I'm interested in.  The home every night is also what I'm interested but obviously they have weekend work.  As I said a while back, I'm not in a hurry for the wrong job and I have weathered the tornadoes that have come through and though I very much dislike working for an extreme authoritarian dictatorship style manager, I'm sticking it out until I either find what I want or I'll eat it and just stay there.  Another year and a month there and I'l be at 200 hours of paid vacation.  10 days worth of sick time and an extra day of floating holiday.

The pond project out front was put on hold - seemingly forever - since I had that hole dug but I finally got out there yesterday after it dried up enough and poured the foundation for the block to be laid. on top of it.  100 pounds of fast drying cement was enough to do the job, it wasn't a big foundation that had to be poured.

Not much else, well there is but I'm too tired.  I woke up with chest congestion this morning though I don't feel sick otherwise, ie headcold or anything.  Just my life with respiratory issues.  I think I"m headed off to bed early tonight.

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