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Sunday.  Credit score jumped 60 points after the mortgage company finally posted it.  It will take a while now for anymore change to come.  I need to bring down some account balances and find a new card to open up.  Not so I can charge more but I was doing simulations on a credit tracker and getting another card would help my score substantially.  Taking out an auto loan would also help, but geeze.  I hate auto loans. I'd do it if I had to, but right now, I don't have to.  Car running fine, a bunch of cosmetic problems with it but it's paid for and purrs down the highway.  I'm holding off on another car loan for a while.  I need a year of on time house payments before I can even think about getting some land.

I finally sold the trailer.  Not as much as i wanted but I did get the minimum I was asking for it at $2,500.  I was trying for around 3 grand. But, we kept getting low balled.  One person insisted the trailer was only worth $700.  It has new carpet, new wall pap…