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Well, I applied for a decent credit card that gives zero percent interest on transfers from other cards and I was approved.  So, when I get the card, I will transfer the Capital One balance to that one and lose the interest payments for a year - but I hope to pay it down to zero in a year anyway.  It will also increase my credit score because that particular card I already have has a low amount of credit - like 4 grand or something and I have it half used.  Meaning it will go down to less than 30% utilization, the new card will reflect it at less than 30% utilization and here we go.

The plan to raise my credit score back up may not take as long as I had expected, but we'll see.  I continue to get loan offers for vehicles which would push it up another 50 points, but gag, you can't get into a loan for under an 8 grand vehicle, just don't want to go there unless I am forced into it. Meaning my car breaks down and I have to get another one.  The only thing that would make me …