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I just called my dad and that was a pretty short lived call.  He actually sounded very good in health, but the effects of the dementia are becoming more and more profound.  At the same time, he's 85 years old, so it's not like his life is getting cut short.  I talked  with his wife for a few seconds and then got on the horn with her son who wanted to exchange phone numbers.  I'm, uh, going to have to figure something out here in advance.  Both my dad and her - his wife - are having their own sets of health issues and he, her son, wanted my phone number in case something happens to her and someone is going to have to come down to take care of dad if she ends up in the hospital.

If I were in Phoenix that would be possible, over here?  I dunno. I think there are services that will come in and deal with medications and all of that stuff - but at the same time can you leave a person with Alzheimer's on their own?  I know my brothers won't bother to do anything, so I gu…