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Well, the end of 4 days off.  I know it's barely noon Sunday, but it goes so fast.  I got  up, let the dogs out, enjoyed a large breakfast - something I really don't get into but she loves to cook and this really was tasty - then headed up to Lowe's.  I have been working on the pond project this weekend, with the wall mostly built and mortared in.  However, I forgot about rebar and though I couldn't stick it inside the blocks as you are supposed to do, I was at least able to drive them into the ground directly behind the blocks and up against them and then cement them in.  This has turned into a much more involved project than I expected.  It's because  of the proximity to the house. OtherI pwise, I would have been able to just dig a hole and no have had to put up any retaining walls and it would have already been done.

But, getting too far out into the yard would have defeated the purpose of being able to sit there and enjoy a pond while sitting on the front porch…