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Okay look, I have zero experience transferring balances from one card to another.  So, it was rather shocking to see my Platinum card with Capital One at zero balance and the Barclay card acquiring the entire amount of the balance.  The reason is surprised me is because I originally put the request in with only taking out a portion of the balance.  This is about credit building first, for me anyway. Saving money is also right up there.  I wanted the amounts on both cards to be at or less than the limit experts say you should have any given card at - 30% - in account balance.  Second, because the balance on the Cap One card is more than the  credit limit Barclay card gave me to begin with.

The good news of this is that I now have 15 months of interest free payments to pay that amount off and I definitely intend on doing that much faster than I originally intended to.  A $200 payment - is worth $200 - not $120 or whatever with interest added.  In 10 months I'll have that card down t…