Saturday, December 3, 2016

Okay look, I have zero experience transferring balances from one card to another.  So, it was rather shocking to see my Platinum card with Capital One at zero balance and the Barclay card acquiring the entire amount of the balance.  The reason is surprised me is because I originally put the request in with only taking out a portion of the balance.  This is about credit building first, for me anyway. Saving money is also right up there.  I wanted the amounts on both cards to be at or less than the limit experts say you should have any given card at - 30% - in account balance.  Second, because the balance on the Cap One card is more than the  credit limit Barclay card gave me to begin with.

The good news of this is that I now have 15 months of interest free payments to pay that amount off and I definitely intend on doing that much faster than I originally intended to.  A $200 payment - is worth $200 - not $120 or whatever with interest added.  In 10 months I'll have that card down to near zero.   I was charged with 2 fees to bring the balance over for some reason, they did it in two transactions of which I don't understand but will be asking them about.  However, the fees are negligible to the amount of money paid towards interest over that same 15 month period if it were still on the other card so I'm not going to complain. I just don't understand why they even bothered to do that when it went over their limit for my account.

I'm also curious if they are going to try to add over-limit fees.  We'll be having a long conversation about that since it is irrefutable that my request was for X amount, that was less than the credit limit of the card.  But I am not going there tonight. What I need now is Capital One to increase the credit limit on the now zero balance card.  Not so I can spent more money, but so that my overall credit use is lowered.  Fingerhut just gave me an increase to over 3 grand, of which I have a $200 balance on it and no plans to buy anything  from them anytime soon.

Well enough of that for now.  Just my current "fad", I guess. Get the credit back in shape, at least get it into the 700 range and then explore my options.  A few owner financed properties available, but unappealing.  Including a 10 spot mobile home park with a site built home for the owner to live in. They want far too much money for it.  I could start a 10 unit park just outside of town instead of out in the boonies for a fraction of the cost. I also found a lot of owner financed homes at really good prices.  A huge house on 5 acres for 150k.  You have to wonder about a property like that, though. Always appraisals tell the story.

Well, nothing new around here.  Rain, rain and more rain.  All day long, everywhere.  Driving in it, working in it, getting wet in it. The pond project at a stall, just have to wait until next weekend, that is, weather permitting.  Mom's Christmas present to me should be arriving some time this week. A large enough tool box on wheels.  She declared today she is the owner of 2 homes - but soon to be in her new place which she claims she really likes.  My brothers.  I don't hate them, but they are some of the most selfish people I know.  Why couldn't they lift a finger  to help her?  I almost wish I was still living there to have been around to help her through all of this.  Operative word being almost.

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