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Well, haven't posted in a while. I have been absorbed in my new moderator rule in this huge political debate group I'm in.  BTW, anyone interested in joining let me know and I'll post a link to the group. It's a closed group and there are some fruitcakes in it, but there is some real debating that goes on in there too. I'm getting my feet wet at the mod role and dealing with a large variety of issues, though the most sticky ones are getting in between people that go into anger and start the stupid name calling and such. Almost every single time, I end up having to boot a person from the group.  So, that's part of what I"ve been doing.

The rest is buying Christmas gifts and getting them sent out, sending out Christmas cards, raking and burning leaves, going to work and dealing with the daily grind.  I got a wonderfully nice sized rib roast yesterday at Kroger's.  I went in there to find these small little roasts out in the cooler and I don't like ge…