Sunday, October 15, 2017

After careful consideration, I decided to simply try to take a nap this afternoon for at least an hour, or however long I can get out of it, go to bed around 8 - 8:30 and get up at midnight. 

I would have to leave out of here at 2:00 pm today - which is an hour and 45 from now, to get there in time to have the mandatory 10 off time and be at the delivery place on time.  The problem is, I am not really a night driver.  I get sleepy.  I'm going to have even more discussions about this night driving business.  A few hours of it, fine, all night long, no thanks.  Plus it throws off my sleep schedule and takes awhile to get back to normal. 

I'm not really looking forward to tonight, to put it mildly. 

Whatever.  I've got most of my stuff done. Just a few more loads of laundry and all of that is over with.

I turned on the truck today to make sure it was going to actually turn on - unlike last Monday - and Addler went goofy crazy.  He figured I was leaving right there and then and wasn't really a happy camper.  He has figured out already that the truck running either means I am coming or going.  Since I'm here, means I'm going. 

Well whatever.  Meanwhile, I am still putting my thoughts to local work. Yes I know I just started this job but I am not really happy with it.  Unless they move back towards the center, at least, of where we were discussing my home time should be at, I don't see myself staying here that long.  I've spent minimal money on supplies for the truck and not buying a refrigerator and such just because of my reservations.  I made my case to the recruiter in a polite email, let's discuss this.  The original conversations were to do this, you are doing that, how can we adjust this and bring it more to a central position? 

I haven't heard back from that one. If I don't get some kind of reply this week, I will call him and try this again.  I'm the only one from out of state working there, I found after I got there. They aren't taking into consideration that I don't live there and the concessions they make other drivers simply do not apply to me because of that.  I could be home frequently if I lived over in Jackson.  Nope, not even remotely thinking about moving there, just saying, if I were like the rest of the drivers, I could park the truck at the yard and go home on many nights.

The only move I could think of to go to now would be an old friend that probably would have a job for me if I decided I wanted to take one.  We're good friends from the 80's in the mission field.  I missed the opportunity to go visit him because all of this other stuff came up with my dad and then my son getting married.  Now I have no paid time off and not likely to get any of that going for a long time.  I can take time off, just isn't paid.  Not in a position to absorb that right now.  If I did decide to stay, I likely wouldn't want to even ask until being there for a while.  I would really like to go visit mom tho.  Even a weekend and a couple days before or after would work. 

I have to say that there are a few competitors in the area vying against my old company. They are making gains and taking over some of our contracts because some of those contractors absolutely despise this new manager.  He's not really new, now, but I call him that because he is an ogre, a troll from the past.  an antiquated relic of a human being stuck in some time loop from the past where things, in his mind, were better.  Anyway, I am definitely considering putting in apps to any of those places that might be hiring drivers.  I have enough experience to supersede anyone else that might be applying for that specific type of position. 

Whatever the case, I have few precious hours of home time left, so I'm ending this one. 

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