Thursday, January 19, 2017

Been taking a break from blogging.  I just kinda lost the desire to do it.  Happens occasionally.  But I haven't posted in a while so I'm going to do an update.
As for today, the kid next door begging to let him borrow the 4 wheeler so I let him.  But, you can't take it out on the street.  What does he do?  Takes it on the street.  Both his mom and I put an end to that quickly, but the damage was done.  Maybe 30 minutes later, 2 police cruisers come through the neighborhood, but by that time the 4 wheeler was put up.  They just drove on by slowly.  10 minutes after that, his dad - a sheriff and on duty - pulled up first to their house but then quickly came over to me.

His first words? 6 more days......rofl.  He was referring to Trump taking power in the inauguration.  And cops apparently are very happy about Trump coming into power and legitimizing law enforcement again.  Then I saw this awesome AR rifle in his car and started talking about that which of course he was delighted to go into, but the boy - cannot ride the 4 wheeler in the neighborhood again, which I totally agree with. The uncle has a huge swath of land outside of town and that is where they normally take it.

Christmas was good if uneventful.  I can't decide whether I missed being with family for it or not.  They didn't have it on Christmas Day anyway, so no loss there, but the event usually lasts only 2 or 3 hours and that is it.  Bye bye, c'ya next Christmas.  I almost made it midnight New Year's but I fell asleep like 15 minutes before 12, lol.

Ummm, really now.  I am still a bit absorbed in the political realm.  The unending "conflicts" dems/liberals/progs are bringing up against Trump are rather amusing to me.  The "final" one, providing another one doesn't prop up between here and Friday (which it probably will so not holding my breath), is they are allegedly going to dump up to 750,000 protesters in DC to attempt to actually stop the inauguration. Seriously, when have you ever seen this kind of nonsense after a president has been elected and before he was inaugurated? I dunno if this level of fruitcakery has ever happened, I certainly don't remember it.


Well, it's a bit hard to finish a post around here.  A lot comes up.  I was watching the Steelers game on Sunday and at 1 minute 55 seconds left in the game, Steelers up by 2, someone comes to the door.  Gag.  I was like, uhhh, yeah, one moment while standing at the door, looking at the tv. But the ending to the game nothing grand.  They just ran the clock out to win the game.  Still, that puts the Steelers in for next Sunday to play for the conference win.  Which would take them back to the Super Bowl if they actually do win.


Well now I'm going to do some venting.  For when I came back from a run today, the warehouse manager showed me a ticket - from a month ago, and asked me what happened with a hand written in backorder.  In other words, the quantity had originally showed shipping and then I had changed it to show it had not shipped.  I don't remember, I know we shipped them though.  5 minutes later, the "new" manager, not so new now, comes out, calls everyone together and then starts in on me. And I got right back in his face.  He started cussing, calling m e out personally and telling me "You'd better think hard. You'd better be thinking hard for a looooong time until you remember".  Talking down to me, getting angry, I had had enough.

You can't even think to remember something from a month ago when someone is in your face talking like that to you.  Apparently the look on my face spoke more than my words, for I was getting angry. I've had enough of this a-hole getting angry about petty s*** and then coming up to us and talking to us like we're 5 year old in Kindergarten.  We fired back and forth at each other for at least 10 mintues.  Finally the thing came back into memory and then I got very vocal.  Yes, I remember now. I brought this ticket in there, informed those two - the warehouse manager and the inside salesman - that this ticket needed to be changed because I couldn't fit the material that was showing backordered onto the truck, pointing at the two the entire time.  Those two have NO problem throwing all of us under the bus, they can get a dose of their own medicine.

But I wasn't letting off this fake manager that gets mad over stupid stuff.  He stood there and said I'm getting angry, apparently thinking I would intimidated by it. No and no thanks (and if I would have thought about it, I would got out my phone and called his manager on the spot).  I did everything that YOU said to do.  When I got to the jobsite and saw they hadn't changed the ticket (this was a HUGE order, filled the entire truck up and much of it double stacked with pallets), I placed the non-shipping material on backorder.  When I got back, I took the ticket into them again, showed them the error and told them it needed to be changed before being billed.

I have tried and tried to just let the man have his way, keep my mouth shut but this was the straw that broke the camel's back.  I had had enough and everyone there knew I was at bursting point.  Seriously, if that man had continued on with it, I probably would not have a job right now.  But, I kept my cool enough to deliberately give him his stuff right back at him in calm tones.  Don't read this wrong. I didn't blow up.  I didn't cuss back.  I didn't mouth off, but I wasn't backing down - at all - either.  I basically kept speaking up the entire time until he finally backed off. He stopped himself, realized what kind of s*** he was pulling. Got a strange look over his face, and then actually apologized to everyone.

That wasn't enough for me though, for he had singled me out and it was completely and totally unwarranted.  So yes, I kept bringing up the pertinent points to his petty ranting that led to unwarranted anger on his part.  He finally changed his tones and said okay, okay.  Let's just work towards getting this better and offered alternatives.  Yes, let's do that. And btw, when I say something to someone about changing a ticket, it goes in one ear and out the other.  That got his ire but that's exactly what goes on.  He finally settled down after he saw I was having none of it and I was definitely not backing down.  I'm a man, not a child and I'm not going to let this person talk down to me like this anymore.  The next time this happens - and yes there will be a next time because this dude can't stop himself - I'm calling the general manager and he can hear how this guy is acting out.

There was one marked difference after this exchange.  5 minutes after it happened and everyone walked off, he came up to me an profusely apologized.  Perhaps there is hope for the man after all. Who knows.

And, after that, everyone else was commenting on me.  I'm not going to say I wasn't getting extremely agitated with his behavior, they saw it on my face.  They all thought I was going to bust.  And in fact, that what was what was happening internally.  I at one point had to look down, gather my thought quickly, calm myself down and then continue on.  They all saw that and knew what was going on.  It actually ended on a much better note than any of these interactions with this man has occurred before.

Okay. It's Thursday night, tomorrow is the Inauguration of Donald Trump.  Projected up to 750,000 protestors showing up, including talk of rioting and violence, human chains and all kinds of garbage.  I hope and pray that violence doesn't occur.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...