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Been taking a break from blogging.  I just kinda lost the desire to do it.  Happens occasionally.  But I haven't posted in a while so I'm going to do an update.
As for today, the kid next door begging to let him borrow the 4 wheeler so I let him.  But, you can't take it out on the street.  What does he do?  Takes it on the street.  Both his mom and I put an end to that quickly, but the damage was done.  Maybe 30 minutes later, 2 police cruisers come through the neighborhood, but by that time the 4 wheeler was put up.  They just drove on by slowly.  10 minutes after that, his dad - a sheriff and on duty - pulled up first to their house but then quickly came over to me.

His first words? 6 more days......rofl.  He was referring to Trump taking power in the inauguration.  And cops apparently are very happy about Trump coming into power and legitimizing law enforcement again.  Then I saw this awesome AR rifle in his car and started talking about that which of course he was deli…