Monday, January 23, 2017

So. Monday morning (today) hits.
I wrote a letter to the general manager about the situation with the manager here.  I sent it off to my own company email instead of sending it to him from my personal account. I wrote the letter over the weekend, forgot to add.

I got to work this morning and pulled it up.  Read it over. Very detailed, somewhat lengthy but had to go there to make sure the full story was told.  I then thought about the potential consequences for clicking on the forward arrow, inserting the general manager's email address and hitting the send button. Loss of job?  Dunno, maybe.  Manager getting pissed at me for doing so?  Granted and expected.  Potential discord with certain other (@$$ kissing) employees?  Yup, a couple of them. One in particular the warehouse dude that throws everyone under the bus anyway.  Also, what if no one else confirms what I am saying? What if they are too in fear of losing their jobs that they will keep their mouths shut?

But the hell that this man makes work? Over-rode all of that.  The authoritarian fear-based "leadership" he doles out through threats and insults came to a head with me, I can't do this anymore without speaking up.  So, after a few minutes of consideration, I did hit the send button and come what may.

I went out on a run.  I figured when I got back, I would hear something.  And sure enough.  The first thing that happens is the manager comes into the showroom and asks me about my phone call to the GM today?  The look on his face spoke thousands of words.  Uhh, nope, I didn't speak to him.  He gives me "his" look.  I volunteered that I had sent him an email.  Though I didn't really feel the need to give him any info.  If the GM did, good for him.  So, he told me that the GM was coming up next week and we were going to have a meeting - him, the GM and me.  I said great, let's do that!  While thinking, what good is that going to do? This isn't about me, I'm not the only one thinking this way. But whatever.  He avoided me the rest of the day.  A coworker said he appears to be butt-hurt. Great, please take a dose of your own medicine.

Regardless, he was visibly upset but stayed away from me.  And when I checked my email at the end of the day,  I found an email back from the GM saying he was coming up and would do a "state of the store" meeting and have everyone there.  Well, I do hope that that is productive, but I am not confident that many people will speak up.  They are in fear for their jobs.  I don't want to lose my job, no. At the same time, I am driven by this man's illiteracy in "emotional intelligence" as the company puts it.  And yes, I am more than willing to push this up to corporate.  I didn't do that last time, this time I am resolved to see this through to the end - whatever end that may be.

So, I have no idea what is going to happen day to day now.  I've set myself up against this manager, rightfully so though - but still.  Upper management needs to see through all of this. The GM visits once in a while, goes and sits in the manager's office, you don't see him.  All is hunky dory.

I am going to write down every incident that I can remember on paper.  I have a dozen of them in mind and I am going to ask a few others if they can remember anything.  Yup. it's all going to be brought up. I'll do it alone if I have to.

Meanwhile, my birthday is on Super Bowl Sunday.  Steelers got run over yesterday by the Patriots so my team isn't going to be there. But, it got me to thinking: take some time off.  So, last week I asked for a week off and I at least didn't get an issue about that.  I have 141 hours availablle.  I haven't decided what to do. I don't feel much like doing anything, but then again, a drive to Fort Worth and a flight somewhere.  Just get me out of here.  Or get in the car and drive.  Just away from here.  I'm just thinking.

Ahh, life.  Well done with this one.

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