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So. Monday morning (today) hits.
I wrote a letter to the general manager about the situation with the manager here.  I sent it off to my own company email instead of sending it to him from my personal account. I wrote the letter over the weekend, forgot to add.

I got to work this morning and pulled it up.  Read it over. Very detailed, somewhat lengthy but had to go there to make sure the full story was told.  I then thought about the potential consequences for clicking on the forward arrow, inserting the general manager's email address and hitting the send button. Loss of job?  Dunno, maybe.  Manager getting pissed at me for doing so?  Granted and expected.  Potential discord with certain other (@$$ kissing) employees?  Yup, a couple of them. One in particular the warehouse dude that throws everyone under the bus anyway.  Also, what if no one else confirms what I am saying? What if they are too in fear of losing their jobs that they will keep their mouths shut?

But the hell that…