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Tomorrow marks the day that the GM comes up.  To do what, I don't know exactly.  I don't know what others have told him about the manager's behavior.  I don't know if they will come forth honestly and say what has actually happened or if they will try to support him through the very real fear of losing their jobs.  Can the GM offer anonymity that won't go any further than him?  He can, but it seems like stuff gets leaked out all the time.  My email to him was spun off all over the place. No-one knows what I said in it, exactly, they just know I sent it and the GM is coming up here because of it.

Which doesn't mean anything will change.  At all.  This GM really doesn't have any good idea of how to resolve these kinds of issues, as evidenced from the past.  He knows how to run the business, but employee altercations and problems with management he seems to not have the stomach to take on. There's nothing I can do about that, I can just feed him with the f…