Tuesday, February 7, 2017

3rd day of vacation.  Decided not to go anywhere, instead, decided to fix the Jeep and fix the Polaris.  I'm kinda tired of having fun toys that I can't use because I can't take them anywhere. The man that just towed the Jeep out of here said it would cost around $700 to get it going - which isn't a bad deal for me since the jeep was free and also it allegedly has a new engine in it.  He assured me that he could get it going so I said fine, tow her away.  I've been saving to get that thing fixed so I could either use it for the purposes stated or sell/trade it for a pickup.  But if they get it running good I"d rather keep it and get a trailer for it.  That way I can haul people with me in the Jeep to go 4 wheeling - which I have several wanting to go.  Not to mention stuff around here that needs to be done that I can't deal with without being to transport materials.

The only other "issue" would be to find a good place to go riding. The nearest place I know of is about 30 miles away.  Which isn't really that bad, it's 5 per person entry fee and you can camp there overnight if you wish.

Well we're well on the path to getting things done today.  Actually been needing to get stuff done for some time now, work doesn't allow for that since I don't get off until everything closes during the week.  So now? I gotta get out there and tear the rest of that 4 wheeler down. Wasn't really looking forward to that but I am not going to let it sit like it is forever or I"m going to forget how to put the darn thing back together.

Whoops, I guess I forgot to write about what happened with the meeting with the GM and manager together in the same room. Pretty much went to hell in a hand basket.  I guess they thought they were just going to back me into a corner and shut my mouth for me, but not.  I'm not going to take any more of this man's abuse without at least speaking out about it and that I did.  The whole thing literally blew up as I spoke forth the things that he does, including calling people out and calling them stupid and idiots and mostly, his anger issue.

And of course, he got angry.  I can't say that I didn't toy with him a little after it became obvious he was getting angry. "Are we getting angry here?".  He at least didn't deny his anger issues and that was really my focus because I didn't figure from the way the GM was talking that much improvement would be gained on anything else.  It finally came down to: What do you want us to do when you are getting angry?  A carefully worded question to get him to further admit that yes he does have an anger problem and no, we shouldn't be exposed to it, what to do about it?

Amazingly, he said okay.  Next time I get angry, I give you the permission to call me out on it.  I think that was really the only thing good that happened that day.  He is still a total jerk-off.  He retaliated against me by announcing that he's cutting our hours back once again.  Of course he has that right, but it's the reason why he did it that makes him a total @$$.  Just to pay me back.  Whatever. I'm going to enjoy this vacation, and then I"m going to ask for another week off either next month or the one after and then, providing nothing changes at work, I will start carefully looking for the "perfect" position somewhere else.  I have 3 or 4 places in mind already.  But I do want to take my vacation time first.

I'm not going to say anything else now about what's going on there, I made my case, the GM is sticking up for the manager, of course, even though he heard from several people. But again, this wasn't unexpected.  So, status quo there.

Meanwhile, this lady tenant really drive's me crazy sometimes.  She just wants to talk and talk and talk and talk and talk........I'm watching a show comes barging in, starts yacking it up about the movie I'm watching. It's like one of the best parts of the movie and she's standing there going off again.  Well, I asked her to be quiet.  Yup.  This morning.  Haven't had my coffee, just woke up, sitting out here listening to the news, she wants to start yakking all over again. She knows I am not the greatest morning person until I get a cup or two of coffee in me.

But whatever. The owners of the house have stated they are coming back eventually and that once they do come back, they would love for me to stay with them, their 2 boys - she's having another one in a few months - can stay in a single bedroom. That'll work for quite a while, but at some point, kids want their own room.  I don't necessarily expect to be here forever, though I like the setup andI know them well now, we are definitely on friendship level of relationship. So who knows.  I'm getting the Jeep fixed so I can haul stuff over here.Plenty of things I want to upgrade outside here.

I have no clear cut future.  I guess no one does but sometimes this seems way too much up in the air, especially with the work situation.

I can't say much else. Dad's health continues to deteriorate, his memory getting worse and worse. The effects of age also taking a hold on my mom, though I don't think she has dementia, she did send me a birthday check this week dated with 2015 on it.  She's stressting over everything. She moved twice last year which was bad enough.  Now she is stressing over selling her extremely valuable China.  I'm like, why are you stressing over this?  Let it go til' some other time if its affecting you that bad.  I dunno.  My son announced his engagement to his girlfriend this week which was really good news because they have been going out together for quite a while now.  He seemed to have his reservations telling me, but I did nothing but support him in it It's his life, he's free to do what he wants with it.

And so there it is.  A plateful of things to do, going to go out in a little while and see about tearing the rest of that thing down.  It's an absolutely beautiful day outside considering it's February and I remember 2 February's ago here it was snowing I think.  It was cold anyway, I remember that.

Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...