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3rd day of vacation.  Decided not to go anywhere, instead, decided to fix the Jeep and fix the Polaris.  I'm kinda tired of having fun toys that I can't use because I can't take them anywhere. The man that just towed the Jeep out of here said it would cost around $700 to get it going - which isn't a bad deal for me since the jeep was free and also it allegedly has a new engine in it.  He assured me that he could get it going so I said fine, tow her away.  I've been saving to get that thing fixed so I could either use it for the purposes stated or sell/trade it for a pickup.  But if they get it running good I"d rather keep it and get a trailer for it.  That way I can haul people with me in the Jeep to go 4 wheeling - which I have several wanting to go.  Not to mention stuff around here that needs to be done that I can't deal with without being to transport materials.

The only other "issue" would be to find a good place to go riding. The nearest p…