Sunday, February 19, 2017

Well, just when I thought my credit score was headed in the right direction, it takes a hit from unknown source.  A bit of research came up with Fingerhut.  They play games with your credit limit all time.  Up and down and up and down.  It was up to around 3 grand and then they reduced it $600 and that was the deal.

So, I"m going to contact them and ask them to either stop that practice or close the account.  I owe them maybe a hundred and something, no problem just paying it off and getting it over with.


Started this several days ago and got distracted. Going back to work Monday was as I figured: they dump you with all kinds of junk to do just to make you pay for taking time off.  And so it has been all week up until today. I actually would like another day like that tomorrow and it will pass quickly and be over with.


Getting no where fast with this entry.  Anyway, I had full intentions of getting the Polaris mostly done this weekend.  I got 2 projects done on it, but a part I ordered for the 3rd project was missing the ball joint.  Not that it was guaranteed to come with it, I had just thought it was going to.  So, I have to order a ball joint for it before I go tearing that entire assembly down. I don't really like pulling things apart without being able to put them right back together, too easy to lose parts or forget how it reassembles - though I am taking pics of everything I am doing now because I have run into quirks.

Such as the starter.  I realized after getting that out that the bendix also needed to be replaced. So I ordered that as well and reassembled that yesterday.  But while I was in there, I saw that the pull start assembly needs  a rebuild kit. Basically, the pull cord is a back up in case the starter motor fails.

But, it still works - not as good as it should but it would still start the thing up, so that's kind of a backurner project.

Meanwhile, ordered ball joints for both sides today so I won't be able to get to that again until next weekend.

It's getting close now though. Unless I find even more wrong in there, this should be getting to the end of the fixing line on that one.

The Jeep is also almost done.  A bit hefty price tag to get it there but as long as it runs for quite a while with no further issues I'll be good with it.

Well onto other things.  My son of course announced his engagement to his girlfriend, but now he's got a set date: August 6th, being held in a suburb of Oakland, CA. That's 6 months from now.  I was hoping to find a new job, frankly, but this kind of interferes with that.  I can't start a new job and expect to take serious time off only 6 months into it.  Just doesn't work that way unfortunately.

So, pondering time.  Things have gotten a little better since the meeting with the GM and the manager.  He didn't end up cutting our hours even more.  I'm really at a loss what direction to go in with this situation. When I am faced with something like that, I have found it's best to do nothing at all and allow the situation to answer it's own question, which it eventually will.  I'm pretty sure the warehouse "manager" wants out of there and it's highly likely that he will retire when he turns 62, which is something like a year off now.

They've hinted at the idea of taking his place, but that's about as far as it's gone, hints.  Well excepting the GM last year flat out asking if I would want such a position.

Anyway, I"m getting really sick of the games that get played with credit scores.  You go out of your way to do whatever you have to to get it back up and then something else comes along to rip it back down. I don't have the cash to buy properties, I need the credit to do that. Oh well.  Maybe save up enough down payment for owner financed options.

Uhh well it's late now, was watching  the Walking Dead and Monday comes early.

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