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Well, just when I thought my credit score was headed in the right direction, it takes a hit from unknown source.  A bit of research came up with Fingerhut.  They play games with your credit limit all time.  Up and down and up and down.  It was up to around 3 grand and then they reduced it $600 and that was the deal.

So, I"m going to contact them and ask them to either stop that practice or close the account.  I owe them maybe a hundred and something, no problem just paying it off and getting it over with.


Started this several days ago and got distracted. Going back to work Monday was as I figured: they dump you with all kinds of junk to do just to make you pay for taking time off.  And so it has been all week up until today. I actually would like another day like that tomorrow and it will pass quickly and be over with.


Getting no where fast with this entry.  Anyway, I had full intentions of getting the Polaris mostly…