Sunday, February 26, 2017

So I'm a little upset with myself.  I fully intended to install those new ball joints on the Polaris this weekend. They never showed up.  Upon reviewing several accounts, it turns out they were never ordered.  I don't know what happened, I do remember pulling the trigger on a set.  I wanted to get most of that project DONE this weekend, instead, I have to "look forward" to it next weekend, if the set I just ordered actually show up in time (which they should).  Yes, they sell the locally at the Polaris Dealer - for FOUR times the cost.  No thanks, I'll wait.

Meanwhile, they  (house owners I am living/ friends that gave me the Jeep ) told me the title should be back here by Monday.  That means I can go to the court house, get the thing switched over to my name and get it registered.  Well, I think anyway.  Depends on if they have it done.  I haven't called them and they contacted me on Friday of last week. I have no need to put pressure on them to finish a job on something that I can't use. They can do it at their discretion as time allows for more important things - such as customers whose cars have broken down and they need it fixed immediately.

Anyway, I am going to try and get it insured today. Dunno how that works on a Sunday so it might have to wait until tomorrow.  Which is fine, I just need documentation that it is insured for it to be inspected.  Oops, forgot about that. The shop can't do an inspection without the proof of insurance, that's a Texas thing.  I've been looking for trailers for a while now.  I'd like about a 16 footer to accommodate for 3 4-wheelers. I don't have a 3rd 4 wheeler but I am thinking about it.  I've seen them going cheap - people get hard up for money, the toys are often times the first thing to go.

Once I get a trailer, though, I can expand upon projects here that have been at a stand still. Such as putting some flagstone around the pond.  Build a small waterfall for effect.  And yes, I have watched several videos on it, I have a grasp on how to effectively build one now - but I need small boulders.  You just get enough boulders, set them up and have a thin one for the portion that actually gets the water flown out on it from the water filter.  You take foaming type of sealant to the areas where the water can flow back and down onto the ground - though mine is going to have a small chunk of liner underneath it as a fail safe.  Don't need a waterfall leaking back into the ground. I intend on doing this one right, which means a bit of work but the end result will be worth it.  I have about 25 small fish in that one currently.

Upon trying to call the insurance company, I got a "we are currently closed" message so I will deal with this tomorrow.

On another front, much of the front and back yard needs to be reseeded - grass seed that is.  but I am going to look and see what is advised for doing before I pull any triggers here.  I am guessing I need to rent a machine that punches holes in the ground and makes it possible for the seed to take root.  not going to do it wrong the first time is all I'm saying.

My trip to Ireland on hold.  I have a wedding to save up for - the airfare and a generous wedding gift.  Newlyweds need money, especially this couple.  I would like to be able to give them a grand in cash and then a small gift for their home.  So let the saving begin. Though I already have an automatic withdrawal savings account that has more than enough to pay for the Jeep repairs and  at least half the cost of a trailer. I'm going to drain that account in the next could of weeks and then let it start saving up for the wedding.  By that time I should be at or close to that goal.

So I guess I need to open up another bank account with limited access for my travel desires.  Have X amount automatically removed per week.  I want out of this country. I want to experience flying over the ocean.  I want to experience new cultures.  I want to see in person what it's like, I've seen enough videos and pics, I've read enough articles.  It doesn't take the place of the experience in person.  I want to have to get a stamp for the passport and go into a place that is totally not America and see what it's like. I should've happened when I was on the mission field, it was going to happen, but they found my usefulness in the American camp too great to let me go overseas.  I have friends that went overseas from that same operation that never came back. They set up camp there and flew with it.  I am not in any kind of regret, for my American tour ended up having me all over Mexico and that was an awesome experience.  It truly was. Seeing towns with no electricity, running water or sewer systems.  People that have never seen a TV in operation or a movie. Etc etc etc.  It is truly a 3rd world nation so I know I have experienced in person what goes on anywhere where there is abstract poverty.  But, I want to experience it in person. And experience more developed nations such as Ireland or Italy just because of their rich cultural experience.

On another note, a very perplexing thing.  I have a co worker that complains about his pay all the time. He isn't making that much money and he leaves early.  I have come to the conclusion that the government assistance he is receiving allows him to live a rather lavish lifestyle.  He frequently posts his location update on Facebook and today? He was at Ralph and Kacoo's.  Well Ralph and Kacoo's is a very expensive, upscale restaurant that I wouldn't even go to but maybe once in a great while if I thought I had the need, which I don't.  He posts these updates about being at expensive places quite frequently, yet he's making $13 per hour?  This is the fallacy of welfare.  Free rent, food stamps and in some cases cash assistance.  I'm so sick of the government taking my tax money and giving it to people that don't deserve it.  Freaking bullshit, frankly.  So, this dude can drive a brand new truck and living in a nice apartment and going out all the time all over the place making far less money than I am and complain about it?  WTH.

I bust my ass to get the things I want and these people get what they want for basically no effort? And no, this guy isn't a stellar performer.  He shows up to work, talking on his phone all day long. Takes 3 times as long to load a truck, sits at jobsites after the delivery is done and just sits there - for an hour or more (contractors have complained about this), leaves early and complains about his pay>

Whatever, I think I;ll end this one before I get pissed.

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