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So I'm a little upset with myself.  I fully intended to install those new ball joints on the Polaris this weekend. They never showed up.  Upon reviewing several accounts, it turns out they were never ordered.  I don't know what happened, I do remember pulling the trigger on a set.  I wanted to get most of that project DONE this weekend, instead, I have to "look forward" to it next weekend, if the set I just ordered actually show up in time (which they should).  Yes, they sell the locally at the Polaris Dealer - for FOUR times the cost.  No thanks, I'll wait.

Meanwhile, they  (house owners I am living/ friends that gave me the Jeep ) told me the title should be back here by Monday.  That means I can go to the court house, get the thing switched over to my name and get it registered.  Well, I think anyway.  Depends on if they have it done.  I haven't called them and they contacted me on Friday of last week. I have no need to put pressure on them to finish a jo…