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2002 Polaris Magnum 500 Front CV Axle Removal Out Of Differential

Yeah, I spent a couple of hours looking for this info, so just make it easier for anyone running into the same thing.
So, we're specifically referencing getting the yoke with the u-joint that has the CV axle attached to it which attaches to the hubstrut (what the parts manual calls it, the long, vertical thing that holds the strut and bearing and CV joint) oh and before I forget, here is the parts manual for this quad in case you need to look up names of parts:

If you need assistance with getting the hub strut detached, here is a video (but it doesn't show you how to get the yoke out of the differential). Yes, I know it says it's for doing a Sportsman, but it's the same setup in that regard, but note the spindle coming out of the hub strut - it is completely different than the one on your Magnum 500.

Now, you got the axle detached, you are ready to pu…