Monday, March 13, 2017

So, yesterday at work I started feeling ill.  Dunno, just didn't feel good.  After 2 hours of it I finally decided it was time to go home and lay down. Which is exactly what I did. Figuring no point in coming back today, I tried to call the manager this morning 3 times.  He was too busy.  Oh well, left a message with the receptionist that I was still sick and was staying home, since the 2cd message he didn't return my phone call and on the 3rd call, I found out he had left.

I am going to try to endure it there until after my son's wedding in August so I can take at least a week off for that - if I'm flying to California I'm going to have a vacation above and beyond my sons's wedding.  He can go wherever he's going to go and have his honeymoon, I'll go spend some time on a beach.  And whatever else the Oakland area may have to offer.  That's my thought on it anyway.

After that, I will definitely look for a new job until I find one.  I don't see this situation getting better at work.  The "new" manager told the other good driver that since he saw him smoking a cigarette over in the shed, he is going to send him home.  The point? Nothing was told him to do.  Now look here.  Our primary job is driver.  We are the people that actually get the product out.  Most of the time it is very busy, but there are slow times. At the end of the month, the numbers play out and the money is made. Yet, this dude takes his selfish bs out on the people that actually do the footwork to make all of this happen.

I've lost sleep over this, literally.  Do I stay because of the sake of benefits or tell this stuck up, self-made-god to stick it where the sun don't shine.  Probably neither.  I'll definitely look for a new job and that will be that.  I still have 110 hours of vacation left plus 3 floating holidays and 3 personal days and 10 sick days.  Well, yesterday and today are covered under sick.  Lots left to go before August.

I can't possibly imagine, after seeing all that is going on, working for this man for another 6 years until he retires.  In fact, from what I can see, he neither appreciates our work and could care less if we leave.  But, I can't spend too much time on this particular subject for it is grievous at best.

I should have gone to college in my 40's when I thought of it.  Lots of looking back on things, looking at decisions made.  My issue was the cost and the result.  I dunno.

Onto other things.  Finally got the Jeep.  Drove it home - about 3 miles.  I ran it up to the first stop light and it was running very nicely.  But at the stop light, it was kind of idling a bit rough.  However, while driving, it runs like a champ and has a LOT of get up and go.  I was impressed with that.  I have insurance on it but still no title or registration, though it still has their plates on it.  I want to drive the heck out of the thing for a week and see what happens, basically.  That would mean, basically, just driving it to work and back.

Oh, yes, I went to get the title switched over to my name yesterday after I came home, slept for a while and decided that I needed to get this stuff done while I am off and have time for it no matter how miserably I am feeling.  They told me at the DMV I have to have a bill of sale.  What? I have a signed title here.  Not good enough, according to them.  Okayyyyyy.  In Arizona, the title is all you need, they don't ask for nor do they want a bill of sale.  So, my friends are sending me a bill of sale, but that also means having to take off work early some day next week to get it done since the DMV isn't open after 5 and definitely not on weekends.

Meanwhile, I went and bought a trailer today.  I have been looking for quite a while, this one was the best for the money I was willing to spend.  A 16 foot overall length trailer, about as big as I wanted to get without taking up too much space in the driveway.  This thing was made out of angle iron and whoever previously owned it before the guy I bought from had significantly beefed up the tongue.  I mean, far more weight capability than anything I'm going to do with it.  The story of why they got rid of it was pretty sad though. THEY had bought that trailer many years back for hauling 4 wheelers all over the place.

They were veteran riders, very skilled and knowledgeable.  However, after going out on a trip for a week, they came back home, unloaded their 4 wheelers and headed down the driveway. What they didn't know was that someone on the other side of the road where they live and access to land they ride on had dug out a ditch.  Long story short, one of them road over the ditch at 7 mph, the 4 wheeler flipped, he landed face first, the 4 wheeler hit him with the headlight and did spinal damage and resulting nerve damage.  He is relegated to only being able to move his head for the rest of his life.

Well, as sad as that is, it is not unnerving to me.  I have been riding off-road vehicles of all types for most of my adult life.  We take risks in life, I can't say that I won't be a bit affected by this tragedy in thinking about watching and being alert about where I'm riding, but it isn't going to stop me.

So anyway, it's Friday night and tomorrow I intend on spending the day working on the Polaris.  The front end is virtually torn apart, I was going to fix it last weekend but my ghost parts never came in, lol.  Well, they came in this week after re-ordering so now I have no "excuses".  I was really wanting to do this last weekend, tomorrow I'm not so enthusiastic about it for reasons I can't even explain.  Just how it goes  with me.

Well that was Friday of last week.

This week has been busy and not as much time. The Jeep started running very poorly.  I mean, like it was missing on several cylinders.  I had gotten the thing registered and decided to drive it all over the place.  Well, when that started happening, I took it to the shop- - Addler in the vehicel lol - and the guy took the codes off of it. 5 codes showing.  I left there agreeing that they were to come get the thing out of my driveway the next day and find out what was wrong with it.

So, it's been gone since 2 days ago.  I got a call today: well the only thing wrong is bad fuel.

Did I make a bad assumption? When I took it in there I told them it had been sitting for over a year, I assumed they would deal with old fuel.  No, they had not.  They had gotten it running and it was running fine. They added some fuelboosters to it and saidit was working find now.  I would hav rather they drained the old fuel out of it.  Whatever the case, when I go to get it tomorrow, I will fill it up with however much high octane fuel I can get in there, it was just below half tank when I took it in.

Well, the good news is I already shelled out a good deal of money for this thing, they aren't going to charge me for the tow over there and are only charging me for whatever fuel additive they added to  it.  Which is what it should be.  This is something they should have caught when it was in there.


And having trouble finding the time to finish this, so whatever I get done here today, it's going up.  I got the Jeep back, drove it 42 miles.  It ran like a champ for about 24 of those miles and then started running poorly again.   I'm guessing we still have a fuel problem.  I filled the tank up with 11 gallons of premium/92 octane but I think that bad fuel is the culprit.  I had asked them if they drained the fuel tank when they had made their assessment and they said they had not.  See, if it were me, that would have been the first thing to do. Well, I took it right back to them that same day - which was on Saturday.  Haven't heard back from them, but then again I'm not necessarily going to push them.  I would like to get the thing and get driving it, but, patience.

Meanwhile, the newest round of parts finally came in for the Polaris.  I got nothing done on it this weekend because the parts didn't arrive on time.  Oh well, couldn't take it anywhere anyway, not without the Jeep running.  Project for this coming weekend.  or, if I get wild hairs, start on it during the week after work.

My unhappiness at work is affecting my psyche at this point and I really need to make a decision.  Like, get the hell out of there.  I dunno if I can stand waiting until August - when my son gets married and hence the desire to stay there for the fact that I will have a bunch of vacation hours accrued.  Starting fresh somewhere else also means starting without any vacation hours.  As normal, I have no clear answers here.

Meanwhile, the female tenant took an 11 day vacation.  While she was out, we, the male tenant and I, had discussions about her behaviors.  She gets drunk - not all the time - but when she does this is a person that gets hostile.  Not to mention she drinks his liquor all the time  which is quite costly.  So, I suggest if  he is going to "help" her with alcohol, to buy her the cheap bourbon and he can keep his more expensive stuff in his room.

However, it's the cooking that has been carried away for some time now. Actually, since shortly after they moved in.  She LOVES to cook, which is wonderful, but - she cooks too much.  We don't need all of that much food and more importantly, she is a fan of just throwing leftovers out after they have been in the fridge for 2 days. Well since she is cooking new meals everyday, we don't get to the leftovers and a lot of food has been getting thrown out.  Mind you, she doesn't ask us if we want to eat it, she just chucks it.  I mean, she is on a fixed income.  She doesn't really supply much of the food around here.  She gets a small portion of food stamps and the rest are two checks every month. One very small, I think less than $70 and the other somewhere around $600.

I  actually have no problem helping them out with food, though the dude buys his share of food as well.  But the waste is unwarranted. So, we discussed having a sit down with her and talking about the constant food being thrown away.  However, he decided he was going to do that on his own - which is fine by me since I would rather she hear it from a friend.  So, the 2 bottles of cheap bourbon he bought for her have already disappeared, presumably into her room.

Anyway, things may work out.  I would rather they just stay until the owners move back here, which may be quite some time still.

There is more but I need to go to bed.

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