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So, yesterday at work I started feeling ill.  Dunno, just didn't feel good.  After 2 hours of it I finally decided it was time to go home and lay down. Which is exactly what I did. Figuring no point in coming back today, I tried to call the manager this morning 3 times.  He was too busy.  Oh well, left a message with the receptionist that I was still sick and was staying home, since the 2cd message he didn't return my phone call and on the 3rd call, I found out he had left.

I am going to try to endure it there until after my son's wedding in August so I can take at least a week off for that - if I'm flying to California I'm going to have a vacation above and beyond my sons's wedding.  He can go wherever he's going to go and have his honeymoon, I'll go spend some time on a beach.  And whatever else the Oakland area may have to offer.  That's my thought on it anyway.

After that, I will definitely look for a new job until I find one.  I don't see …