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This is starting to get old.....

Parts. And more parts. And sending the wrong parts back.
The front axles on my Polaris have turned into a huge headache.
They did send the wrong ones, after all, even though the description in the header said it would fit my model.
So, not only do I have to send these things back, I have to pay the shipping for it and I"m sure that isn't cheap for something that heavy.

The thing about it is, there are several different variations of this axle that sellers on ebay and other places are saying will fit my particular model, and no, they won't. I've now become an expert and will be buying the correct set today, probably, meaning again waiting until next weekend to put the blooming thing back together.  This has been going on for a while now and yes,  I'm starting to get burnt out on it.

The Jeep should be done tomorrow or the next day.  Meaning if I had the Polaris running, I could go riding this coming weekend.  Instead, I'll be sitting around trying to put they w…