Sunday, March 26, 2017

This is starting to get old.....

Parts. And more parts. And sending the wrong parts back.
The front axles on my Polaris have turned into a huge headache.
They did send the wrong ones, after all, even though the description in the header said it would fit my model.
So, not only do I have to send these things back, I have to pay the shipping for it and I"m sure that isn't cheap for something that heavy.

The thing about it is, there are several different variations of this axle that sellers on ebay and other places are saying will fit my particular model, and no, they won't. I've now become an expert and will be buying the correct set today, probably, meaning again waiting until next weekend to put the blooming thing back together.  This has been going on for a while now and yes,  I'm starting to get burnt out on it.

The Jeep should be done tomorrow or the next day.  Meaning if I had the Polaris running, I could go riding this coming weekend.  Instead, I'll be sitting around trying to put they whole mess back together.  Of course, I could pull the trigger on another ATV and just go that route.

It's whatever at this point. It will take as long as it takes and oh well.  It was, however, rather a let down to come to the understanding that I wouldn't be able to put that side back together - yesterday - and have it done and then pull the other side apart.  I think I could do this stuff with my eyes closed now I have done so much of it.  In fact, the more I get into it, the more I am convinced that I could do ATV repair on the side.  Bearings, axles, U-joints, more bearings, starters, drive belts, brakes, whatever.  Not that much different than a car.  It's just plain old mechanics and these things have carburetors on them so that makes fuel issues much easier than if they had fuel injection.  Although, getting at a carburetor on a 4 wheeler is a job in itself. You have to remove a lot of stuff on one to get at it.

But at this point, I've done all of it. Chains, sprockets, carrier bearings, between the 2 4 wheelers I've gotten my hands dirty in all of it and have had them running again in perfect order after I was done.

Just something I am considering, though it would be just one more thing to consume my time.

Other things I wish I could talk about, but, it would probably not end well for that person, so I'll keep quiet about that.

However, the kid driver at work is very unhappy there - and likewise management is very unhappy with him and giving him clues he best find greener pastures.  He said he has a job offer to operate a refueling truck that goes to jobsite and fuels up heavy machinery making almost $20 per hour and 60 hours per week.  Well why wouldn't you take it?  Anyway, Friday he said: "if you get a text from me saying it's been nice knowing you, that's the sign that I'm quitting here".  Ooookaaaayyyy.  Go right ahead.  Will give me my hours back and I will be busy all day long.

This week, as it stood, I was stuck in the yard for about 3/4's of it. They now have apparently assigned us to trucks, which is all well and fine, but the semi doesn't always stay busy and some weeks it's barely used at all.  That gets kinda boring because there isn't that much to do around the yard.  Put stuff away that comes in, cleanup, and that's about it. If this dude quit, that would leave us without a 3rd driver for a while and that would be optimal.

And, the lady tenant is apparently making breakfast without bothering to ask whether anyone wants any.  It's nice that she goes to the trouble, but I'm not a big breakfast person, I'm not hungry to be frank.  Plus, she makes pancakes - which I can eat every 6 months or so, but not every weekend. The problem is, you say something in a non-confrontational way and she still doesn't get it.  Well, she got it from the other tenant who informed her wasting a bunch of food by throwing it out all the time is ridiculous and we need to eat leftovers more often.  We had that talk while she was on vacation.  The end result is yes, we are eating leftovers much more often and the food waste has gone way down, to the point I can deal with it.

Addler - the Great Dane - is doing quite well, he's such a good doggy.  He's so very obedient and ready to please. Of course, I went to the bathroom a while ago and came back to find him occupying half the couch! lol The German Shepherd - Aspyn - is doing good excepting for her habit of jumping the fence and taking off.  That has gotten her tied up on a chain or in a kennel while I'm at work.  Oh, and speaking of that, the lady tenant has also backed way off of taking "control" of my dogs.  That was also beginning to irritate me greatly.

Other than that, just the same old stuff.  Saving up money to give to Caleb for his wedding.  Waiting to pull the trigger on airfare.  Also waiting to hear if I'll have any part of the ceremony.  No clue there.  Not that I have to, but it would be nice to have some minor role in it.  Just because I'm his dad.  I'll be happy to go and attend, watch him go off to wherever they are going to go to have their honeymoon and wait for grandbabies lol.

Well, it's Sunday. Beautiful weather. Perfect for riding.

Haven't heard anything from my dad - he doesn't write or call anymore, I have to call him and I'm told he doesn't remember the phone call shortly after calling him.  I sent cards for Christmas and heard nothing back.  I'm resolved to the fact that he is being taken care of by what are mostly just complete strangers that I have met, spent some time with, but are hostile to us offspring of my dad's.  Apparently he was in the hospital in January but nothing so much as a phone call to let me know.  I am the only one in my family that is interested in his well being, but it's discouraging that they won't keep in contact at all.

Well, besides the theater that is the world in politics as we know it today, nothing much else going on.  Still working on my credit and Fingerhut still playing games with it.  They reduced it by $600 - which dug a grave in my credit score and now have raised it up a grand.  It's hard to just get rid of a source of credit, it can ding your score as well, but perhaps time to part ways with them.  I was going to contact them about this habit of theirs of bumping up the credit and then reducing it.  What is that all about? Leave it lower if that's the case, I owe them maybe a hundred dollars, I think my credit line with them is over 3 grand.

I did open up another account - but I won't use it. It's another credit card, it bumps up the amount of available credit was the intended result.  I was going to do another but it's too many inquires on my credit score if I keep doing that, which then has a negative impact on my credit. This credit score stuff is fairly perplexing at times.  You think you're doing something to help it - and it does - but then something else happens that drops it.  I make my payments on time, I am paying it down, don't know what else to do.

Well enough of this. Going to go finish a few projects that I started last weekend.

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