Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I've always wondered how I could make some extra money doing something I - mostly - enjoy doing.  Fixing other people's ATV"s? Naw.  You have to deal with time deadlines and if your fix doesn't work, potentially irate customers. But, what if I bought non-working ATV's and fixed them, resell them and make some profit?

I see them literally on a daily basis on numerous, local, Facebook, for-sale forums.   Buy one, fix it at my own pace, resell it.  These people are selling them for pennies on the dollar, literally.  It doesn't work, no-one wants to pay too much for them, who knows what  are getting yourself into.  It worked the last time we tried, but now it won't fire up.  Probably carburetor.  Anyway, now htat I have delved into an elongated repair on my Polaris,


I started this last week, actually.  Just got side-tracked.  I'm completely sold on at least trying the idea of buying and reselling ATV's.  If they run, they sell around here.  I'm in numerous local FB groups and I don't see ATV's not selling - except the ones that don't work.  I think it's at least worth a try.  Maybe get it going slowly - my experience with ATV's is limited to the two brands I have, but I have found that YouTube has endless videos on repairing - anything on earth actually.  This is something I could dabble my feet into without a huge amount of output and see if there is actually a profit to be made in it versus the time spent buying them, fixing them and selling them.  And the money spent of course, but time is also valuable.

This isn't something that has to wait for anything - except - my Jeep.  They called me on Friday, said it was done and then....said it isn't done, we'll get back to you.  I wouldn't be laughing if I were paying for all of this, but my monetary involvement, as far as they're concerned is over, per their statement, unsolicited but glad to hear.  They are intent on getting the thing running right come what may.  I'm glad they are, I wasn't intent on spending endless money on endless man hours. It's obvious they are fooling with it in between jobs when there is down time. I'm not pushing them at all about this.  So, I dunno. It's Wednesday night and I have heard nothing this week yet and I likely won't hear anything until Friday.  Or not, who knows?

My gun is done, but it's in the next town over - of which I rarely go to.  I'll make a trip over there this weekend.  I wanted to get my stuff out of storage with the Jeep and pick up the gun, but I hold out no hopes on the Jeep until they tell me it's fixed. I fear they will tell me they can't fix and I just dumped a bunch of money into a dead horse.  Lord PLEASE don't allow that to happen, is my pleading.  I may just see if I can shove it all into my car - but I know I can't.  The intent of the Jeep and getting a trailer was to be able to haul the 4 wheelers out on fun times and also to haul whatever else I need to haul.  If I"ve spent all this money on a vehicle that can't be repaired, I'm going to be a very unhappy person. These people guaranteed that they could get this thing fixed from the first phone call. To the point they came and got it: "Oh yea, we have a guy that can fix anything" to every trip over there, every conversation.

Short trip, got that over with. I no more than got back to the yard and left for home when I got a text from yet the newest version of a di...