Sunday, April 23, 2017

My friend (now) the homeowner came by today.  She left Georgia to go visit in-laws in Arkansas while hubby is away on extended assignment in North Carolina.  She decided to come down here for a visit and bring the 7 week old newborn as well.  Well, the boy isn't going anywhere without mama that young and being breast-fed lol.

We visited for several hours at the house, a friend that I also know of hers came over as well. The next door neighbor also stopped by and we had a great conversation.  That all ended when Taylor - the lady friend and homeowner - wanted to go to Chili's and we left. Just her and the baby and I.  It was a pleasant afternoon and I was wishing they could move back - like now?  lol  Not that the tenants are bad people but they aren't friends like these folks are.  She continued on with her statement that " you are stuck with us forever".  I'm not sure how we hit it off so well, but it's nice to have friends that actually care.

Anyway, the Jeep is still in the shop for the third time. It's been there for almost 2 weeks - this time -now.  Very disappointing.  I could have bought something else with that much money and if they can't figure it out, I'm out a chunk of change.  A very large chunk of change at that.  I'll part it out before i take a total loss, but that is a lot of work.

Work is the same. Very unhappy people working there.  Not just me.  Pretty much everyone there.  The only happy people are the salesmen, the rest are all stuck in this cycle of whining and complaining about everything that goes on there. Everyone gets talked about behind their backs. Several people are getting up there in years and a couple for sure should be retiring - or so you would think.  The warehouse manager is 64 years old. He is guesstimating around 350 pounds - maybe 400 - has a hard time getting around with ankle and foot problems - that probably because he weighs so much and the job requires him to be on his feet much of the day.  The manager has toned down his rhetoric quite a lot, at least with me.

It's a dilemma for me.  Right now, I'm attempting to stick it out until August so I can take a week off for my son's wedding.  If I'm going to CA, I'm going to be at his wedding but also going to go to the beach and do some things there and enjoy myself. It's kinda taken the place of my hope of finally flying over the ocean.  That's about 4 more months, probably can do that as long as the manager doesn't switch back to his old ways. I'm not saying there is anything even remotely close to a 100% improvement, but anything from what it was is a miracle.

I don't really have any great things going on in my life right now. My adventurous days aren't over, just on hold.  I think.  There are definitely better things I could be doing with my time than what I am doing currently, but the motivation levels aren't that high.  It's enough at this moment in time to get to work and back 5 days a week and endure that hell hole until something different comes along.

Anyway, it's almost my bedtime, just haven't written anything in a while.

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