Wednesday, April 26, 2017

It was an interesting conversation.
My mom texted m this last weekend wanting me to call her.  Well I was a bit busy with the homeowner coming to town and coming here first.  She just had a baby - 7 weeks old - and she was bringing the newborn for me to see and to see the house and spend some time together.  She left Georgia for 3 weeks because hubby went on a work travel scenario in North Carolina.

It was very wonderful to see her and the new addition to the family.  Spent the afternoon together.  One of her friends came over as well.  I really miss them, They became true friends after we were living together for extended period of time.  She informed me - again - that I am stuck with them forever.  It is truly an amazing feeling to have people that love you more than your own family. Save my mom of course. Well anyway, we - her and I and the baby - went to Chili's and we spent a couple of hours conversing and having a few drinks. That was on Sunday and it was a great day.  Really was.

Anyway, I called mom yesterday.  She started right in on her proposal.  You see, she gave my oldest brother power-of-attorney over her if something happens to her. But, legally, that ends at death.  At death, you need an executor of estate.  Apparently her lawyer has been advising her about this - there IS no executor of estate and she needs one.  In Arizona, the state becomes the executor and that is a hellish nightmare from every account I have read over the years - which are not few.

Well, my middle brother basically went psycho on me earlier this year.  I wrote about that here I think, not going to go much into it excepting to say that the rest of the family that saw that thought he was losing his marbles.  It was extended text messages in a group setting that were all but telling me I am going to hell, to put it in a way to let the reader understand his rage.

So anyway, she said my oldest brother agreed to her proposal to be the executor of state.  I said fine, I trust him.  He's successful, already has lots of money, had a financial adviser tell him he could retire now with this current portfolio.  I have never seen him as a greedy, self-oriented person. I have seen him as a godless, Christ despising person that is stuck up in his ways and avoids family like the plague. But when it comes to something like this, I don't believe he would go afoul.  Of course in the end and when it happens that may not hold water, but I am hopeful since that is what mom obviously wanted and I wasn't going to raise an objection.

However, my oldest brother told her that he was hesitant about taking that position because of one thing.  "I'm hesitant to tell you this", she says.  Why? I'm wondering and asking.  Well, she says, he remembers when you took a corporation to court, the mobile home park with a high profile lawyer and you won.  Yes I did. I devoted an extensive amount of my personal time to reading about the rules of the court, going to the library and looking up cases in books that had court cases in them to find the information I needed.  I exhausted myself in the brain taking in large quantities of information I had not otherwise been exposed to before.  I became educated enough in my own right to take on a lawyer that had office space on the 12th floor in a downtown Phoenix high rise.  I'm not exactly saying I beat her because of all of that, but it certainly didn't hurt.

He, my oldest brother, was fearful that I would bring that upon him.  I asked mom how even knew about that situation? I don't remember ever telling anyone but mom about what I was doing during that time.  She said the same thing, she never remembered me saying that to family and since family doesn't come together but once a year, highly unlikely I would bring that up at Christmas.

I actually found that humorous.  My oldest brother, the man who cares about family not and discounts all of us, giving me credence for the win against the park?  Actually, it was a win against a Chinese bank that owned the park and hired that lawyer to defend themselves.  Sometimes, when you know you're right? You're right and your opposition can pay however much and you still aren't going to lose.

Haha. I had to laugh at that. In fact, it was much more lighthearted conversation than mom expected.  I expect my brother to deal with it righteously and if he doesn't, he can expect to get a heap full of trouble in return. But, even that mom said: "the trust includes a provision that is defends itself".  Which means, whoever is executioner has no choice but to "behave" and divide it all 3 ways.  I never start these conversations. I would rather my mom stay alive and lucid for a long time to come.

Anyway, that reservation that my brother gave only gave me some confidence in agreeing with her.   I'm fine with that.  You see, if I were the executioner of state, my middle brother would have a cow about it.  He is selfish, angry and hateful.  When mom hands out some thing of sentimental value, he always goes hog shit crazy over it. "Why did HE get that?".  It is an obvious choice, my oldest brother, but I still suspect that when this event occurs, there is still going to be problems with the middle brother.  HE may actually start court trouble.  Which will cost the inheritance, but I don't think that would bother him.  Oh, excepting the cost to HIM to initiate it.  Expensive, time consuming and emotionally draining.

So, besides laughing about old times and some of the stuff going on in this neighborhood, that was that on that conversation.  `

They came and took my Jeep 2 weeks ago and I have heard nothing back. They are obviously stumped on it and I'm not going to even call them. Let them call me when they figure it out. If they don't, then we will be discussing a refund of my money and they can take the Jeep for themselves.  I am not going to voluntarily eat that much money for what amounts to nothing in return. But, so far, I have said nothing like that to them.  They were so confident to figure this out, let them figure it out.

It was going to be a backup for my car, which is going into the "mega miles" range, at least as far as I'm concerned. It's in the 160k range and that to me is a lot.  I have read about these cars going over 300k. Great, but I am not so confident.  I would have rather had a backup vehicle that also serves for recreational purposes than have to go into debt on a new vehicle.  I'm driving the wheels off that car.  It has numerous issues, but none of it related to mechanical problems, just cosmetics and things that don't need to work for a car to be driven  I'm actually quite tired of that thing, I have driven it for many years now, I would like something different, which does not mean new.  I think it's been 9 years now on that car.

I'm happy to not have car payments, though, so right now, it's going to stay that way unless the thing has a major breakdown. A minor breakdown, no biggies.  The Jeep situation is very disappointing and facing potential litigation.  I may not win that one, but then again, they guaranteed me they could fix it. It's not in writing, that's the only problem with that.  I am still believing they are interested in finding out what's wrong with it and fixing it. It's a small town and in a conservative community where people still value their word.  That is why I have said nothing to them since they took it almost 2 weeks ago.  Don't provoke them, let them spend whatever spare time they have attempting to figure out what's wrong with it.  I'm at the point where I won't give  them any more money though.

The tenants who are friends had it out again 2 nights ago.  I had my bedroom door open and they were apparently pushing each other around - but I heard none of it, therefore I didn't know it was going on.  It's a long story that I don't want to go into, just not worth that much time typing.  But, apparently she assaulted him.  She hates men. Yes, that came from her own mouth in a conversation I was having with her over a month ago.  She has issues that need counseling.  She also cannot handle her liquor - when she gets a hold of a bottle, she drinks to much and then goes berserk.  I am thankful for having a phone that also doubles as a video camera, though this wasn't about me? I was still taking video after I was approached by the dude about it and I saw what was going on.

Life is never paradise with tenants, but some of it is just too much.  This is why I have attempted to make myself an exemplary tenant when my friends were here occupying their house.  Leave a light footprint and don't start a lot of shit and don't complain about too much. If there is something I don't like, I fix it and that's that.

Speaking of fixing things, the Polaris is almost up and running.  I was done with it last weekend until I put the tires back on and saw the tierods literally up against the tires.  Yup, not just slightly rubbing against them, this is 'damage them to the point of corrupting them' stuff.  My unending education on 4 wheelers continues.  I found out that many people experience this when they buy larger tires, something that is unexpected. There are 2 options, I found out.  Either put in wheel spacers or put on "offset" wheel rims.  Upon seemingly endless searching the result was to buy wheel spacers over much more expensive new wheels. I don't I don't need new wheels.

So, I ordered 2 spacers for the front wheels, 1 inch thick.  I received them today.  2 spacers, 2 inches thick, much more than I wanted.  I kinda think stuff like having wheels protruding from the sides looks stupid.  However, the male tenant explained to me today that offset wheels from the front to the back actually help with 4 wheeling through mud in acquiring different tracks and more traction.  Oh.  Well don't ya know.  Learn something new everyday.  My search didn't include anything of that nature.  Just, how do you compensate for larger tires? I had actually thought of putting on washers before looking it up, but everyone said the same thing about that idea: not!  Well, I guess I have to order lug nuts now.  Why they don't include them with the spacers or even suggest an option to buy them, no clue.

Well that isn't everything, but that's enough for tonight : )

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