Saturday, May 6, 2017

Saturday and sundry stuff....

I have the house to myself for at least the next 5 days : ) The lady tenant went to meet "internet friends" that she has allegedly known for couple of years. I have actually had several such encounters and they all turned out very well. However, considering how she handles herself and her speech, I have to wonder about this.

The dude went to Dallas to visit his uncle, who is allegedly rich and is going to buy him a set of tires for his truck in return for some sort of labor.  No offense to the tenant, but his physical health is horrid, I have no idea how he thinks he can do much of anything. He spend most of his time in a large recliner watching TV. He pays an extra $100 per month on the rent to pay for a very large amount of extra channels on DTV.

But, I am glad to have the place to myself for awhile, no complaints there.  Me and the dogs.  Could do that for a very long period of time and not get bored with it.

I finally called the shop today that has the Jeep.  I had figured them right.  They have a very good reputation around town here, including the Sheriff's department who brings their vehicles there for service and repair.  I mean, this guy went into a litany of things they have done to try and resolve this problem.  All the sensors that whoever had replaced with off-market brands they replaced with OEM.  I really don't even remember all that this guy listed off until he got to the cracked head deal. They have been doing online research. I did too before I even had them over, but my research suggested that the computer is probably bad.  It also suggested that even brand new computers have issues and don't work right.

I am suspect of a cracked head though.  A compression problem would be consistent, at least I would think.  How does the thing run fine for 25 miles on a cracked head, then run bad and then turn it off and then it runs fine again?  Nah, bro, I am still guessing a fuel suction problem in the fuel tank. Like there is something in there that obstructs the delivery of fuel at any given point.  I would be pulling the fuel tank off and inspecting it, but that's me.  And since I am now off the hook on paying for all of this experimentation, they can do whatever they want, but taking the head off and having it inspected is a some amount of labor. Still, the head mechanic over there has labeled the thing as a challenge and they say they aren't giving up on it until they figure it out.

Good luck!  Please strike the "find the problem" jackpot soon cause my Polaris is all but finished -got the right  wheel spacers in today.  I think they are anyway, I'll find out tomorrow when I try to install them.  The other one I ordered a new sprocket/chain set and I will be jacking that thing up and removing everything I need to to get at that oil drain plug.  The kid next door did an oil change or his friends or whoever and stripped the threads. I'm thinking either tapping out a larger hole/thread or insert a helicoil.Not my first rodeo with damaged threads.  Just ridiculous that it occurred on a oil drain plug.

So anyway, I put in a bid one used rear fender for the thing for $50. Shipping is $130. Yup, they are making money off the shipping.  But, it's still cheaper than much of whatever else I have been able to find.  However, the seller had a "free local pickup" option.  Yes!  Thank you, I'll take that, I thought and paid the $50 for it.  The seller accepted the $50 offer and now? Probably not going to like the results.  But, it's their deal, perhaps they didn't think anyone would take them up on it. And not, it doesn't cost $130 to send a probably 15 pound plastic fender.  Sorry. Now, wait to see what happens.

Work.  Well let's see.  I come back from a run on Thursday and the manager is standing in the shed with a small group of people.  Didn't really think anything about it.  I get out of truck and he is facing me, asks to see the ticket.  No clue what's going on here, at all.  I walk over, hand him the ticket and then he starts in on me.  He's just itching to find me doing anything wrong.  He  is obviously in another one of his anger fits.  The problem?  I forgot to put a pallet on the truck for the delivery and he wants to know why.  Ummm, no, actually, I didn't forget anything.  He is standing there demanding that the wrapping station be removed - he wanted it gone.  I was ready to quit yet one more time.  I am a truck driver, not a parts puller and shrink wrapper.  I do all that junk but it isn't in my job description.  To shrink wrap a pallet that is sitting on the ground is back breaking, literally. Your back hurts and it's very difficult.

So, he started in on his stupid speech about the pallet and how was it missed?  I continued on about the wrapping station.  This man doesn't have a clue what he is talking about.  When it comes to the actual physical work of getting orders pulled, he is simply and completely ignorant.  Add to that an anger problem and add to that knee jerk reactions. On top of that making judgments without facts and what you really have is a blooming idiot.  He was getting visibly angrier by the second as I continued to push the wrapping station, interrupting him because why? Because he is a total asshole and I don't give a damn about that place anymore because of him and his bullshit.  Sorry for the language but that's how I feel about it.

So, he stops his line of ignorant rhetoric and points at an inside salesman. Go get the wrapping station and bring it back here.  The dude goes and gets it, sets it down and now back to this pallet that "is sitting right there".  It wasn't sitting right there when I loaded the truck and was shrink wrapping everything.  How o you miss this? This dude is so caught up in himself, if you think Trump is a narcissist, this dude has him beat by a country mile.  Everything is about him.  Anyway, others spoke up since I didn't pull the order - which is what I continued to say over and over. I didn't pull this order, I had no idea this pallet was a part of this order, it wasn't out there with the rest of the pallets.  Finally, in his desperate attempt to "catch" me doing something wrong, he said, well, did you ask if that was everything?  I always ask if this is everything if I didn't pull the order.  Oh, well who did you ask?  This dude is a piece of dogshit with legs.  I despise working there now.  I hate going to work anymore.  I'm just trying to last 3 more months until my son has his wedding, take a week and a half off and perhaps never go back to the place, I dunno.

Anyway, I pointed at the warehouse manager - I asked him. Who?  Tony - pointing at him. Now, the manager's tones change substantially.  So you asked him if that was everything? This is 3 times now that he has asked me the same effing question.  YES.  Those two are buddy-buddy - good ole' boys club - the manager won't rail on him like he does the rest of us "underlings".  After all of that bullshit - calling me out yet again in front of everyone in a fit of anger - he is proven wrong, once again.

So, the next morning - yesterday - I come into work to find the wrapping station planted directly in front of the warehouse.  This is their retaliation, to make us bring everything clear over to the warehouse and do it there.  But, it's also a safety issue since customers are driving up and parking right next to it all day long.  The other "main" driver approached the manager about it, this isn't safe.  The manager said it's fine. He said no, this is going to be an issue.  Well, I have my own form of retaliation here. Since the warehouse manage says he isn't walking over there any more - where the wrapping station used to be - to check orders, I'm going to start dumping the product right in front of the warehouse.  I don't care if it's 15 pallets.  That will start a war, but this dude said he isn't walking over there anymore, so fine.  I'll block the entire place up with pallets and hydrants and valves and we'll see what happens. It is also only a matter of time before someone backs into a car with on of those huge forklifts and the only thing that anyone will have been able to say is: I told you so.

So, now I have to really start thinking about a new job.  The problem is, how do I get a good reference? It is almost guaranteed he won't give a good reference for me, the man is too vindictive and caught up in himself to give anyone kudos.  I am going to have to contact the GM in Phoenix to see if I can use him as a reference.  Or move back to Phoenix haha and get my old job back.  I left on good terms there.

So that's that.  It's Saturday, I slept in this morning and about to go outside and try to finish the big 4 wheeler. I'm almost there.  I ordered wheel spacers and they sent me the wrong ones.  I sent those back and got credited for them and now have new ones that arrived yesterday on my doorstep.  About to go out and find out if they are the right size. I would like t get this project over with, button everything back up and be done with it and move on to the other 4 wheeler that needs work done to it.  I can't really do anything until the Jeep is fixed - if it ever does get fixed - but I would like to have these machines ready to go if/when it is.  I am actively bidding on other atv's that need work.  Buy one cheap, fix it and then have 3 for all of us to go riding.  So far no luck, mostly because I have no way to get the machine over here and no one wants to transport it for me.  Which kinda sucks because some really good deals have come and gone.

Oh, and the lady friend that owns the house is considering moving back here without the hubby.  She hates it over there, she misses her friends and her job says they will hire her back on the spot the day she moves back here.  So, she contacted me a few days ago asking how long we have to give these folks to move out? A month, minimum.  That's usually the law in any state but also just good practice.  You can't expect a person to just go hunt down a new place to live in a few days and get everything set up for moving out, that would be wrong, IMO.  I would rather give them at least 2 months since they are on fixed income and moving pretty much leaves them broke.  I'll probably help them out when they do have to move.  They have indicated they want a place around here, so I may also help them with that.  They have no credit at all and anyplace wanting to do credit checks they aren't going to qualify for it.  I kinda wish I had the wherewithal to buy a house, there are several of them for sale on this street and the next and they are going cheap enough.

An owner finance situation would be good too, but nothing like that available right now.  They have a friend that would move in with them - you need minimum 3 people paying rent to make something like that work.  A house would have to be furnished as well. Well not the bedrooms but everything else.  But, owner finance would likely want at least 10% down.  Out of the question right now..

Oh well. Cross that bridge when it comes.  They may change their mind and move out of the area altogether.  They also may end up going separate ways.  She has "issues" that are life long and aren't going away.  She hates men, she told me a while back and she also cannot handle her liquor.  She likes to drink but when she overdoes it, she goes haywire.  In that sense, the owners moving back here can't happen soon enough.  In the sense of eating, though, she cooks all the time and is very good at it.

Well enough of this, I have stuff to do.

I have an absolutely horrible headache. But I'll get to that in  a moment. After discussing today with "people in the know", ...