Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Welp, my  hand is being forced.
I'm not going to take a 14 hour a day job, but I"m going to have to really start searching for a new job again.
My bank account is the lowest it has been in years.  Seriously, if I had an emergency right now, I would be hurting.  I don't have any options.
Work has all of us down to 8 hours a day, sometimes a few minutes more, but nothing like the 10 hours a day I was getting all the way up until the new manager took over.
I can't wait around forever while the GM decides or doesn't decide about a pay increase.

A couple more months of this and I will be completely broke, living paycheck to paycheck, having no kind of life sans going back and forth to work.

Whereas, I used to have thousands of dollars in the checking account and at least a grand in the savings account.
It is no help all these trips.

I wish my son would have picked somewhere else to have a wedding, California is just over price don everything.  A shuttle from the airport to the hotel - 16 miles - minimum $25 plus tip. Each way.

I am just so uncomfortable right now that I don't have the extra money I need to be able to do what I want in these situations.

Lord knows I have struggled with this for so long.  I guess I need to try and get this life insurance policy cashed out. It's a 5k policy my dad took out that he placed in my name when he dies.  I knew nothing about it until I went down there the first time a few weeks ago.  I'm not even sure the policy is worth the entire 5k, but at this point, much of anything would help.

It doesn't help that I have people that almost never leave the house here, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  That means the AC has to run all the time.  The homeowners have this on one of those deals where the amount is calculated by the year and divided by the month. That amount has gone up $30 per month since they moved in here.  The lady tenant tried to tell me it will go down. Oh? How will it go down?  It's not going down, it's going up.  Honestly, the advantages of having a full time cook are not outweighed by the homeowners/friends who are much more frugal and my expenses would be far less per month living here if they moved back.

My house in Phoenix?  I made sure the electricity has enough to be more than covered.  But Phoenix has experience and excessive heat wave even by Phoenix standards.

One thing I can do, this weekend if it isn't too late, is hook up that trailer to the Jeep, providing the setup will work, drive 2 towns over and get my stuff out of that storage unit, save myself the $48 per month and also start looking at other ways I can save money.

Of course with no AC, it will be a miserable trip but hey, take a jug of ice water.

I tried a consolidation loan a few weeks ago, take all debt and dump it on there, but, my credit still isn't good enough for that.  Next year some time I am guessing I will have much better credit.  The house insurance is outrageous since the company I was with dumped me because the agent quit and the bank put on it's own insurance, so I need to definitely pursue that.

Actually, I have pursued that.  I don't get agents not calling you back? Returning emails?  But this is what I have been running into when I put in a query for house insurance.  But, I haven't done a lot of it and I guess I need to get it in gear and get it done.  At least a $100 per month reduction in the mortgage if I can find what I was getting before this policy just evaporated into thin air.

My son will be going off of my insurance next month after he is married. That will drop my health insurance premium by $200 plus per month.

I'm just really not happy with my company right now and all this cutting back when they are making the same or more money per month and GP is high, yet they have cut us out a grand plus per month in wages?  lol.  Okay then.

Trucking is coming back, on top of that, at least according to a report I was reading yesterday.  I didn't know it had gone anywhere, but I don't do OTR driving so I wouldn't really have knowledge of that without researching it.

Well whatever.  I am thinking about applying at some of these local freight hauling companies. They pay very well, much more than what I am making now.

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