Sunday, July 23, 2017

My plan for today accomplished.
Hook the trailer up to the Jeep for the first time, haul it over to the town where my stuff is in storage, empty it out, haul it back.
But, not without a stop at Sam's for 50 pounds of dog food and then a stop at the newly built Red Robin, of which before this one, there were no Red Robins around these parts.

Phoenix has plenty of them, but I don't remember the pricing of a hamburger being that high.  It was a delicious hamburger, it was quality beef, cooked to the way I like it, but $14? Endless fries.  Well of course, with that kind of price tag, that is a calculated "risk".

Won't be going back there anytime soon, but I will go back, just not a regular thing.  They could serve to add some kind of veggie to that meal for that kind of pricing.  Dunno how that place is going to stand in a town like that.  It's not a big town, it's not a small town, just somewhere in between.  Lots of oil wealth in the area I guess.  Cattle ranching as well.

I was just glad to get my boxes and get out of that monthly payment.  I don't really even remember what's in those boxes, though I do believe there are some letters from dad in there.  The hand written stuff from him I don't have much of.  The emails I have plenty of.  I'm really hoping one of his Christmas writings are in there.

No rush to go through all of that. Pull a box out, go through it,,save what's worth saving and trash anything I won't be using.  Most of what I want to keep is anything of sentimental value.  The rest of it I don't necessarily care about. Just couldn't justify continuing paying $48 per month for a unit that has stuff in it that I haven't even looked at in 3 years.  There wasn't even that much in there. 8 boxes. Stuff I shipped out when I moved out here and was informed that it's in the way, wasn't useful for anything and what was I going to do with it?  That coming from Valerie.

Speaking of her, I was in Sam's club over there today, a place we spent some time in.  Looked around, didn't really want to run into her or any of the clan.  Let it go, but, I still live in the area, I just don't get to that town much anymore.

Anyway, the Jeep ran fine, it pulled the trailer nicely, didn't overheat, didn't start choking on me.  Hot as hell though.  No working AC in it and not in the cards anytime soon.  I simply don't have any more money to spend on it or much of anything else.  We have been cut back to almost a strict 8 hours a day at work now.  Which they aren't doing at the other sister stores, it's just the manager's decision.  He blames the company, but he could get away with it if he really wanted to give us a good living wage.  He did promise to look into getting me more hourly wage, but I already had that discussion with the GM last week.  I won't be holding my breath and frankly, their idea of a raise likely wouldn't bring me anywhere close to the money I was making at 50 hours per week. I've all but lost 40 hours of OT per month, and that's a sting.

That was  motivation to get that storage unit emptied out today.  Start cutting back on whatever I can.
That Jeep is not fuel friendly.  The gas gauge went down a quarter tank in 60 miles of driving.  Gag.  I wasn't fixing it for a daily driver, though.  It was to be a recreation thing and use for house projects and such, not the drive back and forth to work.  But, I will be taking it and the trailer to work soon to get some pipe so I can finish drainage project, though really, when it pours here, it floods. I would have to do a lot more projects to deal with that.  No priority, at all, considering the financial status. Free pipe, yes, but there are fittings and grates you need to make it work.


Sunday morning.
God to nail down what I'm going to wear to my son's wedding.  Supposedly it's "beach casual" meaning pretty informal dress.  Which is fine by me, I don't need to be spending a lot of money on dress clothes.  I did get some for dad's funeral, though.  Hmm, I take that back.  In going to their site on the Knot, it's "Summer Outdoorsy", whatever that means. Shorts and T shirts?  Lol, no clue. Doesn't sound formal, that's for sure.

Looking up some sites, Seersuckers? What on earth is that?  Casual dress slacks and a casual button down shirt sounds like what I'll do.  Time to look up some sales and see if anyone has some deals going, not interested in spending a fortune on this since I don't have to.  New shoes in order though, something I can use well beyond just a single use at a wedding. This may be difficult for me, I"m no fashion expert at all.  Not even remotely close.  Henley shirts and shorts are fine by me, lol, but all the opinions I read is that shorts are a big no-no at a wedding, even a "summer outdoorsy" affair. Though i suspect my son has different ideas about that, he always does lol.

Well I have almost 3 weeks to figure that out.  A trip to one of the larger towns and perhaps a mall, JC Penney's, mall type stores, we'll see.

That's really all I have going right now, since that's enough.  Meeting mother in CA, I'm coming a day ealrier than her.  We are, however, staying at the same hotel (different rooms of course).  She sounded like she really wanted to have someone helping her around, so I suppose I'll get some alone time with mom while there.  Would like to have some time on the beach, too, but that probably isn't possible.

Anyway, as for today? I may mow the front lawn and do some light cleaning, but mostly intend on relaxing. It's freaking hot outside and this week isn't going to be any better at work.  Really don't like summers out here, but I don't like them anywhere so grin and bear it.

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