Monday, July 24, 2017

I decided to start my search for a new job now.
There is no point in waiting.  I can caveat that I am definitely going to my son's wedding if I actually found something that starts before then. It's not that far off now.
I found some great opportunities for local jobs that I am very much interested in.

There is a giant frac sand operation starting up soon enough in Shreveport, I know this because I have been hauling pipe out there.  I have found 2 companies that will be hauling out of that facility and have applied with them. I also found a very nice sounding fuel hauling operation located out of a town about 25 miles east of here. It's a night shift, yes, but it's not all driving. It's load the truck with fuel at a refinery, drive to fueling stations and fill up underground tanks. I could do this much easier than an all night driving job where you are just sitting in the truck, driving and - falling asleep.

That is the reason I have declined 2 jobs now, driving endlessly at night is simply not my forte.  The frac sand operation is undoubtedly a 24 hour operation as well. In fact, I may see if I can find the company and hiring for that plant.  Though I expect they are flooded with applications, it can't hurt to try.  Anyway, I am going to continue to look for jobs.

The argument for this is easy.  Even if my company decided that I am worth more pay, how much more are they going to give me?  It simply won't pan out.  I am literally down to 8 hours a day now. My next paycheck will be the lowest I have ever seen with this company. The manager could be giving us OT if he wanted to, as all the other stores in our region are doing so, but he doesn't want to per "company rules".  Well,  as other managers attest, those rules can be broken if you can come up with excuses to make it happen. He just doesn't want to do that.  All fine and dandy, I'm going to look for new employment.

So, that's that. Put in several applications and expect to put in more as I find jobs that are the kind of pay I am looking for with home every night qualification.

I have no expectations on a new job actually coming to me, until an offer is made, the pay and benefits are good and it suits me.

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