Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thirsty Thursday switched to - whatever Wednesday.
Dunno, haven't done it in a month, I don't have the funds to be going out and having beers, but today I went anyway.  Inside sales dude there with his girlfriend, no one else.

It's  a brewery, actually, with a beer bar.  The sell what they make.  It's a pretty cool venue.  Well, only one showed up with his girlfriend and he bought me a few beers which was nice and then went into this idea of how to make some extra money.

See, we get calls after hours.  Water lines break, they have to be fixed regardless of what time it is.  Our company gives whoever shows up a $100 spiff for coming to work to deal with it. Well, this portion of our company hasn't been doing that and therefore I have zero interest in driving all the way to work to help a customer when I know I am only going to get maybe an hour on the clock.  Just not worth it.

But, as happens. the manager changed that as of yesterday.  You see, some of the guys that are always called out started complaining about it.  Anyway, he was telling me that he is on call this weekend, but has no desire to do that when he's got his boys and his girlfriend over. Great, I said, I'll be on call all weekend long. Anything comes in, call me, I'll jump in my car and head over there.

That's a done deal. Whether anyone calls or not is not guaranteed, but right now? I need money.  He then went on about the other inside salesman who is actually looking for a second job.  Well, I replied, then he probably won't need to do that now. Nope, he said, he is too lazy. If he knows he can dump it off on someone else he will. I strongly suggest you tell him you will take his calls when he gets back from vacation, he'll be on call for the next 3 weeks.

I don't want to get my hopes up too much, but even a couple of these this weekend would help me out immensely.

Welp, it's Thursday morning and time to head out to work.

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