Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Well now I'm on the cusp, sort of, of the next travel adventure.
Had to ask several people in various venues about "Summer Outdoorsy" or whatever that style of dress is.
I have decided on light colored,button down shirt and probably either khaki's or some sort of slacks, who konws, I'll figure it out once i get to the store. Though I can hardly afford this kind of expenditure right now, really have no choice.  I never really did buy any more formal style clothing after my house burned down years ago.  I mostly just bought work clothes and extremely casual stuff.  Excepting for a few pairs of church clothing.

Well, that is changing since I bought to more formal style button down shirts for the funeral (it was a two for one sale) and some dress slacks, but that isn't going to work at this wedding.  One thing at least, after I buy whatever I am getting I can wear it on any given day after that, it won't just sit in my closet.

I have to get that down before or on this coming weekend. After that I won't really have a lot of time for it.  I'm not good at buying clothes if you can't tell.  I just don't have the knack for matching stuff when it comes to formal wear.  I had to ask the lady at JC Penny's about whether she thought the stuff I bought would look good on me.  There were plenty of colors and variations of styles available.  Anyway, that one turned out well, I'm hoping for a second success and hopefully keep it lower on the price tag.  Guess I better see if there are any sales now that I think of it.

It's Wednesday morning.  I've been on a Bible reading marathon so I have been ignoring watching TV or seeing much of any news.  Not a bad thing, I"m finding out. Well I don't watch that much TV anyway, excepting the news.  I take in large doses of that on a daily basis.  Perhaps I really don't need to be doing that so much.  I've got til Sunday to try and finish the entire New Testament, an undertaking that I didn't realize would be so difficult.  Not that I don't like reading the Bible, but there is a lot of content and I find myself getting caught up in certain Scriptures instead of continuing to read through and get it done.  Perhaps I'll adjust the goal and make it two weeks so I can take in more content and reflect on it.

But, I have done Bible marathons in the past where, at least one time, I read the entire New Testament in 2 days.  It was quite the adventure for me and really eye opening some of the stuff that came at me.
So that's what I'm doing with my free time right now, that and putting out an application here, an application there.  Just got to keep plugging away at it until the right offer comes along.

The manager is down in Baton Rouge right now, tho.  I don't have any great hopes since I really have no reason to have such, but both he and the GM said they would look into getting me a better paycheck.  I don't have til' the 9th of never to deal with this.  They tend to take their sweet ole' time in making such decisions and then come back and tell you that they aren't going to give you any more money because it isn't a good move right now.  Whatever. Their pay certainly doesn't come down any when they determine that times are tough.  In fact, the only people's whose pay comes down in our company is the drivers and yard hands. everyone else's stays intact.  Of course the flip side of that is that if really hard times come, corporate starts giving management pink slips and saying adios to them.

Well whatever.  I am just going to keep plugging away at finding the job that suits me best.  I have had several offers yet again, but this is all crazy stuff. One of them is 120 hours per week!  Yes, the pay is 120k to 140k, but how do you work 120 hours per week?  That's like something for a 20 something, not a 50 something.  I'd take such a job for a year or so if I were young and had a bit more stamina than I have now, work it for a year and save up some serious money. I mean, with those kinds of hours, you'd have no for anything, really.  Your life on hold, lol.  I am guessing there is some serious turnover in a job like that.

I found another one that offers free hotel for every night you're out, but it's still out for 21 days. I just don't want to do that right now.  If my hand is forced, then yes, I'll go OTR or Regional and eat it.  I'm gertting close to that, yes, but not quite there yet. Lots of local companies still left to go to apply at.  At least there are some jobs available out there that are regional and get you home every weekend in a worse case scenario.  I'm not really looking to live in a truck, though. Just keep hoping that I find something local that pays decent.  So far that has been all night driving offers that I just can't do.  I get too sleepy after around 10:00 pm and I just don't think I could handle driving until 4 am every day.  I don't want to quit current job and "try it out" to find out.  I'd be stuck with it and I can't afford that kind of risk.

Well, time to be off to work.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...