Sunday, August 6, 2017

Well this is kind of the blitz/marathon weekend.
I have to go to the bigger town about 35 miles away and find clothes for Caleb's wedding.
Need to get a hair cut.
Have to do my share of the monthly grocery shopping.
Figure out what clothes to take with me on the trip and figure out how to get all of that into
a small piece of luggage.
Get housework done around here.

The only reason I'm not out there right now getting all this stuff done?
I forgot last night that I have zero clean pants to wear.  So, waiting on the dryer to get my
clothes dried, get in the car and get moving.


Sunday Evening. Most things done that needed to be.
Not everything, but the minutia I can deal with in the next 3 days.
I still haven't bought the parking for my car at DFW, and I still haven't
bought the fare for the ride from the airport to the hotel.  But these things
are stuff that isn't time consuming and I will get around to it the next couple of

I guess I still have to buy a pair of shoes for the affair so I'll try to get that done
over in Shreveport after work.  Other than that, just trying to figure out how to stuff
enough clothes into a small suitcase.

And then I just realized that the flight leaves at 8:03 am on Thursday. Why did I do that? Oh, yes, to save money.  The question begs itself: Do I leave early Thursday morning and drive there or leave Wednesday after work and not have to worry about getting up at - 4am I guess, to drive clear over there and be there early enough to make sure I don't have any issues with security check points?  I will be pondering that the next few days.  I really don't want to spend any more money than I have to, my finances are at negligible levels and there are plenty more expenses on this trip than just getting to the airport and parking the car somewhere.

The days of worry about finances returned? Hmm, not to the degree it used to be ten years plus ago.

Iphone maps just told me it's a 2 hour and 30 minute drive from here to DFW. Plus you always have to show up early, I like to show up 2 hours early in case there are problems.  So 4-1/2 hours early, plus include time to stop and fuel and get something to eat, park the car, anything else.  Figure 5 hours.  Meaning getting up at 2:45 am to get out of here at 3:00 am.

Money be damned, I am fairly sure my trip to Fort Worth will occur Wednesday night.  But I'll think about it.  Well would you lookit there. Deals online to stay at  hotel overnight and have free parking and shuttle to airport to and from the airport.  There's at least $30 worth of free parking and that's with a coupon.  That reduces the actual price of the hotel down to $45.  Oh forget it. going into doing the deal, they added almost $17 to the price for "fees".  Whatever dudes!  In other words, parking ain't free!

I guess we are just a bunch of sheep that are supposed to fall into the ditch with each other, blindly doing whatever the man tells us to do.

Well anyway, this is winding down, finally. After this trip, I'm shutting down spending money on anything but what I have to for a while.  Not  a pleasant prospect, but I've been here, done this before.  Nothing new in my life.  Never really expected that I would ever be going through this again though.
I did finally find a church locally.  That is different news on a different realm.  I was looking through all kinds of ads and google and this and that and found a church 5 minutes away.  :Looked good, went this morning.  Great worship service - though they didn't have drum player or any guitars, it was just a keyboard, but it was still good.  Pastor and animated man but very much down to earth.  Smaller church.  I mean, the auditorium can hold a lot of people but the place isn't even half full.  I don't know how they are supporting that facility with such small membership, but it's apparently been there for quite a while.

The sermon was also spot on, certainly spoke to my heart and spirit.  He also used enough scripture to make me happy.  Spirit filled, deliverance, all kinds of stuff that I really liked and agreed with . Anyway, I'm hopeful that I might find a new church home here.  I won't be able to go next weekend and I doubt I will make the Wednesday service since I am leaving for CA the next morning.  What to do, what to do.  If money weren't such a consideration, I would have already dealt with this and it would be over with.  I guess I can get up at 2:30 am or 2:45 and drive and save myself the hotel money, get a coupon for parking and spend around 5 per day for parking which makes it $20 and change instead of almost $100.

I'm still going to reserve commitment on that until Wednesday and really decide whether I can get up that early, drive at night for 2-1/2 hours to get to the airport early enough.  I'd far rather just drive there after work and have a full night's sleep.  The flip side is that besides flying and a layover, I have nothing I have to do that day after that.  Just get to the hotel, relax, rest.  Likely not even meet up with my son that day, I expect to spend a day to myself in the hotel doing much of nothing, or if the beach is close enough, I will spend some quality time there.  I expect I will just spend some time alone, reading, lounging, doing much of nothing.  Because I like hotels and I like being along in an at least decent room.  I can't tell you why, I just do. Probably child hood thing and traveling a lot and staying in lots of hotels while growing up.

Hmm, maybe I'll go to church on Wednesday, not stay too late, come home, go to bed, set the alarm for 2:45, get out of here and on the road, get to the airport and start the adventure. I just hate being tired while doing the air travel/airport layover thing.

Anyway, that's it for now.  There's more that has nothing to do with any of this, but I don't feel like going into it.

Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...