Thursday, August 10, 2017

Started at 2:50am our time over there and ended up here 15 hours later.  I can drive a lot of miles in 15 hours lol, actually 186 of those miles coming over here was driving.  But, no way I would have really wanted to drive a car clear over here for such a short trip.  I mean, I'm here til' Sunday but that really isn't that long.  The flights were uneventful, which is a good thing. The second flight wasn't even an hour long, I don't think, the hope from San Francisco over to LA. I was going to take a city bus to the hotel, but the darn bus station was over a mile a while. After getting up that early, I just didn't feel like walking that far.

So, I called Super Shuttle, parted way with yet another $25 plus tip and got myself over here to the hotel.

So, I laid down as soon as I got in the room and took an hour plus nap. Which made me feel much better.  Walked up to El Pollo Loco, the nearest food place, got some tacos and feeling much better though still tired.  But, I can try to sleep that off tonight.  Mom is coming over sometime tomorrow, not sure exactly when, and coming to this same hotel.

The hotel isn't bad. I don't think it's $100 plus per night quality, but I relented from finding another, cheaper hotel to help her out.  She hasn't done any traveling like this in a good while.

Now, getting on my facebook and seeing pics appear.  These pics are from old friends turned enemies turned acquaintances, is the best way I can put it.  And whose face was with the old friend'w wife, who are all over here somewhere now as well?  My 1st ex.  Of course she's coming, I knew that, he's our son.  But the thought of showing up at his wedding with her there is not really all that wonderful, to be honest.  We haven't talked in years now, after she said she never wanted to talk to me again, I said sure, no problem!  lol

I have no idea where they are staying, hopefully she isn't staying here. But if she is, oh well.  The registry lists this hotel as the one to stay at, but that's just suggestion, you still have to pay for it yourself, it's just the closest one to the facility apparently. I haven't even looked that up yet, another expenditure in getting to the wedding location. If it weren't my son getting married, I wouldn't be over here right now.  As it stands, I am going to relax tonight, try to meet up with my son tomorrow and maybe hang out at the pool here for awhile.  There are going to be a lot of faces here on the wedding day that I haven't seen in many, many years.

I guess the point is that I really don';t want to run into judgmental people that have that in their genes, apparently. I simply won't tolerate it.  You can take that stuff and pile it on yourself while looking into a mirror as far as I'm concerned, my life and my lifestyle are none of your business, thanks.  I'm here to celebrate Caleb's wedding and that is the only focus I will have with all of these people. I do hope to see some people that i had a good relationship with, I just really don't know who is coming.

Anyway, seeing her face almost was crazy. I was like, okay, we have to be in the same area together for much or part of a day. You see, my biggest beef with her is her lying tongue. She has always made up stories or exaggerated things that happened to fit a narrative. He's bad, I'm good type of narrative.  It's part of what drove me away from her.  But, we both have no choice but to put on happy faces, meet and greet whoever and everyone, and also the other people I was talking about.  I know some of them will be there and I doubt they have changed any.

Alrighty.  It's a good thing this hotel has free wifi cause ATT stinks here, too. The second this plan I am on with them is over, I'm switching, probably to Verizon.  I hate their customer service but their coverage is wayyyyy better than ATT.  I got almost another year to go, unfortunately.  But I'm in a metro area, there is no way that I should be having this bad of a service here.

Well anyway, that was my day. Tomorrow is just a lazy day too. This is sort of a vacation albeit I doubt I will get much of anywhere since it will just mean spending even more money to get there. Would love to go to the beach though. Still haven't ruled it out.  The ocean is about 4 miles from here.  The facility for the wedding looks to be about 5 or 6 miles.  I'll figure out what I want to do tomorrow.  The pool here looks inviting enough.  Just would be nice to have access to wheels without having to pay extra for it.

Well enough of this for now.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...