Friday, August 11, 2017

Well, interesting day.
I got up somewhat early and was trying to decide if I wanted to do anything - or nothing at all.
I decided on mostly nothing at all, because the people next door kept me awake half the night.  Or at least until 1:30 am and yes, I did make a complaint to management who got them somewhat subdued, at least the yelling stopped but they were being obnoxiously loud.  I actually don't know when they stopped. I suddenly dawned me at the hour of the morning that there is probably a youtube video that has fan noise on it - a thing that can help tune out that noise and help me go to sleep.

Sure enough. There were many of them, but I picked the one that sounds like my box fan and, extra added bonus, it's an 11 hour playing video, lol.  Yes, it is a YouTube video that goes on for 11 hours and plays nothing but the sound of a fan.

I got to sleep after that but still woke up early for unknown reasons.  So, I got up, made some coffee, went and had free breakfast, and then sat outside for several hours talking with a lady who is here on an amateur golf competition.  I dunno, man, this lady just sat down at the table, we started talking and it literally went on for 2 hours straight.

She got up and left, I saw a missed call from Caleb so I tried to call him back. Hunger hitting me, I decided I was going to walk half a mile to the nearest, decent place to get a good meal, but, there is a Chinese restaurant attached to the front of this hotel.  I opted for that instead.  This is a real Chinese food place, not one of those buffets.  I was the only white person in there, the place was full of Asians talking their languages.  I was brought a bowl of soup, a large pot of tea and a menu right off the bat.  I decided on double spicy beef, which turned out to be beef with a LOT of jalapenos mixed in with it.  They had chopsticks - fancy ones,  not the disposable kind - on the table and no, there was no silverware.

This turned into an instant adventure.  Can I actually eat this plate of food without a fork or a spoon?  I was determined to at least try.  I just wasn't getting it at first until I started observing other people using them. After close scrutiny, I mimicked them and sure enough, I started getting the hang of it.  Now I understand why they like their rice sticky - it's much easier to pick up with the chopsticks clumped together (but not gross like way over cooked or anything like that).

That fairly well killed the afternoon, got a text from mom: in Uber.  She flew in today, took an Uber to the hotel, but at the same time I got a call from Caleb: we are having a wedding rehearsal and dinner. I know he has a lot on his mind, so I didn't give him a hard time about telling us 30 minutes in advance of what was going on, lol.

It turns out they really should have had a couple of rooms for us at the college hotel facility.  People were surprised that we were staying in an off site hotel, but we weren't given an opportunity to stay at the next to free place.  It would have saved me hundreds of dollars on this trip.  But, it is what it is and I am not going to get pissy about it, it's his wedding let's have a good time.

Well, I saw a bunch of faces I hadn't seen in years. Well I see them on Facebook but not in person.  One of them was a kid I practically raised - who is not a kid anymore lol.  He's a budding actor, actually, trying to get his career off the ground.  He is now 33 years old, he informed me today which was shocking. Yes it was shocking. I mean, I've known him since he was 7 years old, I just had no idea that that kind of time has passed.

My pastors from Tempe were there, we visited for quite a while. My ex was there, though she gave me a very strange look when I first saw her. I said hi and she said nothing, so I figured I would just avoid her if that's the way it was going to be.  I'm not going to let someone else's "stuff" get me down, I want to be full of joy and happiness at my son's special day.  Well, I got to meet Caleb's bride to be, a very sweet girl with a nice family.  It was nice to meet everyone, excepting her dad who continued to ignore my mom and I, so, I just let that go as well. I don't even know the man, have never met him, no clue.

There was a nice dinnerprepared by the bride's mom, very tasty stuff.  We ate and then headed down to a grassy area where there were seats set up for tomorrow.  So it is an outdoor wedding.  I filled in for a person in the guy's side of the ceremony since he hasn't made it yet and got to talk to a bunch of Caleb's friends.  He's pretty popular guy.

The funny thing about this is, mom and I will be the first walking down the aisle.  I thought that strange, but we are to walk down to where our seats are and then take a seat for the rest of the ceremony. Well it was fun anyway.  All these young guys bantering back and forth, I joined in the fray lol.  Well this went on for several hours and mom was getting tired, so I got on Uber and we had a driver there in 10 minutes.  I kinda like Uber. It's much cheaper than a taxi, you don't have to call, you just input the addresses of start and end point, it gives you a price and you agree to it. That's it.  It puts out the search for the nearest driver.

I dunno what else. I get the feeling tomorrow is going to be an emotional day for numerous people.  Me? I dunno. I am just happy that my son is happy. Dunno if this is the best choice or not, it's not my life to live, I wish him the best and prosperity and a long and happy marriage.  And with that, I think this one is done and over with. I had no idea how late it actually is, we were there much longer than I realized.

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...