Tuesday, September 5, 2017

I slept like crap last night. Woke up around 3 am and was never able to get back to sleep. Which made for a very long day at work today.  The only thing that really saved me is that I had a very long drive in the semi, of which I was thankful for.  The jobsite -in  a very small town you have never heard of out in the of the sticks - is this giant plant they are building to process stripped trees into particle board.  They are spending millions and millions of dollars on this place. Where are they going to get the help to run this place?  Apparently a lot of automation, but I'm telling you, if that town even has a 3,000 population I would be surprised.

I was there and hour and a half. So, by the time I got back to the yard, it was time to go home.  In fact, the manager had already sent the other drivers home and it was 4:30.  This is the state of affairs there and it's not going to change, at least not with this dude managing the place.  I was thinking about this all day long today on the verge of potentially starting over somewhere else. I will  miss the idea of having 200 vacation hours.  That's a tough one to swallow.

Anyway, they called today, wanting me to take a drug test.  They had to get a list of places from some company since they aren't locally based here.  Be kinda strange driving for a company in a "lane" that will never have me seeing any management.  I didn't say it would be bad, just different lol.  Well, they wanted me to us a urgent care place in town where I live, which I said fine.  However, when I got there, the place was filled with people in the waiting room.  I decided to go ahead and wait and get this over with.

So, I give them all the info they want. I'm there an hour waiting, I was so tired I nodded out in the chair.  I finally got called to a side window behind a closed door and am told that they don't do drug tests after 4:30.  Well, why didn't you tell me that when I came to the window? I've been here waiting for an hour.  I was trying to find the chain of command so I could switch it to me, but I can't find the chain of command. Fancy that, they can't even find the information that they input into their system.  I wasn't real happy, mostly because they had held me there that long for nothing. Well, sir, you can come back before 4:30 tomorrow.  No, ma'am, I'm at work, thanks.  And walked out.

Came home, wrote the dude at the company an email of what happened, leave it up to them to fix this.

The other thing that was put on me today was this idea of the home owner's friends moving a travel trailer over here and living here in that thing.  I dunno, I said to her, I'll have to ask everyone here what they think. Well, they don't care, come to find out, in face,the lady finds it an exceptional opportunity to cook for ever more people.  Okay, well, then she, my friend that owns the house, wanted me to name the price.  Huh?  Okaaaaaay.  Well, what's lot rent going in this area plus utilities?  We discussed this for quite a while and finally came up with a figure.  I said, but if you want to go lower, I have no problem with it.

Nope, she says, you are running the house, you are dealing with the bills and everything there. So, she texts them with my offer and the lady said sounds great.  But have to discuss it with the dude when she got home from work.  Well, I know these people.  I dunno what they would be like to live with but they are pretty cool to party with lol.

Enough. I'm bone tired. Going to bed 2 hours early tonight. If I wake up at 3 again, at least I'll have some sleep to bank on.

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