Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I spent the day driving down south.  They expected me to get a slate full of stuff done before a certain time frame, the final stop would have to be before 3pm.  Yeah, I knew that wasn't happening. The manager has us coming in at 8 am, which is a ludicrous notion for a start time in the construction industry, of whom buys our products.  I didn't get back to the yard until after 4:00 pm and that was without getting to the final stop.

The warehouse "manager" had called down to the second to final stop - the place that I was to pick up an entire load of concrete meter boxes and then head almost 2 hours north to Ruston to deliver them. The place is a joke.  Have me come in a 6:30 am for a situation like this, I'll get it done.  Anything after that? I don't care who it is, it is not going to happen.

Not that I cared. I will be ridding myself of this company in about 20 hours from now.  You know, if my job fell through? I would still leave.  I still have not received any kind of response from my manager or the GM of my notice and I am quite sure there will not be one.  Screw this place, screw these people.  May it come to bite them on the ass in the future.

This is going to be a different lifestyle. It's going to be a change to my routine.  It's going to be a lot of things I may or may not want, but it's also going to be AWAY from that place.


Today was last day of work. I got sent out to a town about 80 miles away to deliver an entire truckload of concrete meter boxes.  I wasn't in a big hurry.  I figured when I got back, I would be sent off to a lunch break and I"m not doing that anymore.  I was going to leave.  And so it was.  I got back, did my paperwork, went through my company email account, forwarded a bunch of emails that I was interested in keeping - some from my dad, brought back memories when he came up to Caleb's graduation.  It was really the last trip he ever took.  I thought a remembrance of it work keeping, going to forward some of that to Caleb, he really loved his grandpa.  Mostly I did not interact with family in the company account, but i found a lot of funny emails that my mom had forwarded.

There was also a whole episode of emails from company security about that woman that was living with me long ago that was smoking meth in the house.  I didn't save any of that junk, I have that firmly cemented in my memory and seeing emails about it wasn't really helpful.  Way back in 2009, lol.  That's how far back my emails went. I'm not really good at deleting email. 

I probably missed some emails that I would have liked to save, but I didn't have all day and enough is enough. I got that done, and then found a fresh email from the GM.  Well well well. He waited until the last day to actually try to contact me.  He asked me to call him before I left work.  Why? who knows, I thought, I know he's not going to offer more money, what is the point.

I called him, he was busy. But, he called me right back.  He started on the same line of junk, we'd like to keep you.  Yeah..... and?  Well we can't offer you more money right now.  It actually turned out that it was my manager who was denying more money to me.  I already know how it works, the GM was lying and I just didn't want to go there.  My GM in Phoenix taught me how the company works, this GM apparently didn't understand that I know full well how raises are granted.  I just cut him short, you know, you aren't going to change my mind, I'm not going to change yours.  I want more money, I am broke. That's my bottom line. If you can't help that, thanks for the call.

It wasn't quite that blunt, that was just what was going on in my mind.  I was actually being pretty polite about it, but my thoughts were, what the hell is wrong with these people? Stingy Scrooges.  Driving brand new Ford pickups, the GM is driving a new Platinum series that is estimated at around 60k, and he's telling me that the company can't afford raises?  Of course, I understand how it works, I just see the utter hypocrisy of it and laugh.  Whatever dude.  I informed him that my manager told me that "I don't believe in asking for raises".  The GM was actually shocked.  Ohhh, well of course you can ask for a raise, with other blather involved.  Again, whatever dude.  This is really YOUR venue, not my manager's. Again, my thoughts, that last sentence, not anything I said to him.

Why bother?  I didn't want to get into an argument over pay, my mind was already made up: I'm leaving.  I dd leave it at this: if y'all decide you want to pay me what I'm worth, feel free to call me.  A long pause.  No reply to it, didn't figure there would be but - I didn't burn my bridges.  That was the only thing I can safely say I didn't do today. Well I sort of did.  I didn't go into the manager's office.  He's been a coward, avoiding me this week and last.  He's not a manager, he's just a person occupying the manager's space. 

Anyway, after was all was said and done, he finally offered some praise, some kind works, a good ending. Seriously, he could have just gone straight to that and bypassed all this pay talk, I guess they didn't believe I would actually do it. Hey, over here! Yeah! I know what I'm worth! I will find a place that recognizes that, thanks. That will pay me that right off the get go without all the bs.  Thanks.

But, I was nice.  I really was.  I just didn't see or say anything to my immediate manager. He isn't worthy of my time, frankly.  He's a total ASS. I would have been tempted to unload on him if I had gone in there. 

I contacted the inside salesman that left 2 weeks ago, via text messaging.  He said the other inside salesman has actually been looking for a job since this manager took the position.  I hope he finds something.  It would end this idea that it's just troublemakers that are leaving.  He hasn't started anything with anyone.  He's obviously fed up with the manager. 

Well anyway, that was it.  I said goodbye to everyone in the showroom.  The warehouse manager grunted. That is his way of saying goodbye, lolol.  He did say earlier that "you have to do what you have to do", which coming from him is actually a blessing to leave.  If you ever met that man, I can guarantee you you will never meet another person like it in your entire life. 

I was kinda sad that my coworker buddy wasn't there to wish goodbye to. He was out on the road somewhere. I took my time getting everything done hoping he would come back in time to wish a goodbye to, but it didn't happen. Likely never see him again.

Well whatever.  16-1/2 hours from now, I'll be on a miserable Greyhound bus - lol - get over there, get this going.  I liked their idea of a rental car, but apparently that wasn't going to work out too well.

Not much consuming my mind at the moment, excepting the thoughts of getting debt paid down and getting a newer vehicle to drive, preferably a pickup truck.  Getting some things done around, helping out my son a bit, such as my dad did for me.  Lots of things, but, don't count your chickens before they hatch.  Right, got it, still hopeful at least. 

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