Friday, September 29, 2017

Long day.
They didn't get me out of there until 10:30. 
The dude that does the orientation has a lot to learn.  He's a great guy, very likable but very much
not so clear or definitive on how they want you to do anything, really.  I'm not going to sweat it, it's
just truck driving. If they don't like the way I deal with their issues, I'll move on.  I have been through orientations that lasted for 3 full days.  I am not saying I want to do that, but at the same time, if they want you to know everything, don't dump a bunch of information on us all at once, then give us hypotheticals that rarely exist in the real world, don't leave out a bunch of stuff that you need to know, don't fully explain the things that you are including in the infusion of knowledge and by God, learn how to spell!

I mean, there were at least 30 spelling errors in all of the paperwork that was handed to me. He's a really good guy though, not really worth making an issue out of it, but it looks very unprofessional to have a packet of paperwork coming from a company that is reaching for the stars in terms of the numbers of drivers it has that is full of spelling and grammatical errors. 

Well it's really late.  I started today in Clinton, Mississippi, which is just outside of Jackson, drove to Lukin only stopping once for a 10 minute break to get out of the truck at a rest area and relieve myself.  I was seriously tired for about an hour, but then woke up and went on the rest of the day.  I had to take a 30 minute break - that's fed rules - before 8 hours up, so I did that at a Love's truckstop in Lufkin after filling up extremely large fuel tanks, lol. Much larger then the semi at my former employer. 

If I hadn't started so late today, I would have been home at a very nice hour.  But, it was 11 pm when I got here and now it's past midnight. I'm fixing to go to sleep, but I have to sit for a while and get road buzz out of my head first.  It was almost 600 miles of driving and I can say that I made more today than I would make in 2 days at my previous employer, which was the goal.  My dispatcher is very competent. He was a truck driver for decades.  He makes appointments to deliver based on realistic times, ,but right there in a window that has you cranking down the road to get there on time.

I'm sooo tired and that road buzz is finally going away. It's time to go to sleep. Pick this back up tomorrow.

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