Saturday, October 7, 2017

I've decided to hold off on any comments about home time.  I don't need to be home, I need to make some money and get out of debt.  I'm just going through the pangs of a completely different lifestyle that places huge demands on time.  I went through almost all of my 70 hour allotted work week - that's the Feds rule - by the time I got home today.  Driving home, however, was also paid miles since it's on the way to delivering Monday morning.  Likely I will have to dead head 132 miles again for a load and then head back to Mississippi. They are in Mississippi, their main accounts are in Mississippi. 


Well dinner  called and right now? Good ole' home cooking is a mighty fine distraction.  I cooked the potatoes though, I like them nice and crispy or at least semi-crispy. Delicious. 

Anyway, the point of this particular post was the idea of contacting everyone about getting my @$$ home at least once a week.  I think I'll go through another week at least of this and see what happens first.  The reason being is that I am being kept busier than a truly OTR driver.  Whether that is a test to see if I'll drive of if that is a constant thing remains to be seen. But since they have their own in-house broker, they get the runs they want to take that are going to keep drivers busy. 

I'm just running through all of this.  If I could get my  sleep back this would be much better.  I am going to take my big ole' box fan with me this time, it's the sound I've been sleeping to for years and years now.  There is a perch in the sleeper where it will fit. That perch is where a TV normally would be, but I don't have that and I am not investing in anything beyond low cost items for this.  I expect that sleeping tonight in my own bed in normal surroundings will result ina  good night's sleep. 

This is such a huge adjustment to my lifestyle.  I'ma give it time before saying anything about it.  Maybe I will can adjust.  Maybe not, but a week's time isn't enough to determine that.  I can tell ya that driving I-85 through South and North Carolina is a major clusterfreak.

Anyway, when I went to park the truck at the truckstop today, I went in to pay for the privilege.  The lady was on her cellphone, standing outside, but came in after I did. How may I help you?  I'm parking here through tomorrow night.  Okay.  Well you don't have to pay.  Oh.  Well 2 guys working here said I did and took my money.  Umm, no, she said, they are wrong, you don't have to pay to park here.  Thanks!

I'm going to bed.  Early? yup, but I need the comfort of my bed and the sounds of my room at night. 

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